Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 using experience review

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At the same time, with more and more smart home products connected to the WiFi network, the original router can not load so many products. As a result, the router becomes hot, restarts frequently, and the experience becomes even worse. The era of the Internet of everything in the smart home is coming, and it”s time to replace a WiFi 6 router for your home., Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 would be a good choice.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600.

Pyramid shape design, domineering side leakage.

When the house secret got the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600, the first impression was that it was too big! The box is about the size of a notebook and carries a lot of weight in the hand, with a flat product diagram printed on it. After opening the package, you can see the router body, see the product at that moment, the house secret thinks that this is the most beautiful router of Xiaomi at present.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600.

If a building is used to describe the shape of the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600, then the pyramid is perfect. The main body of the router adopts a wedge-shaped design, and the surface of the fuselage is treated with frosted material, which reflects an advanced sense in the light. The bottom is solid, so that the router can be placed smoothly on the shelves, TV cabinets and computer desks at home. From the bottom to the top, the lines gradually contract so that the lines on the left and right sides converge at the top. There are also three grid panels at the top, with black on the left and right sides and copper yellow in the middle. The grid plate runs through the entire router, which plays the role of the finishing touch.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600.

Most of the routers used in daily homes are three-antenna or four-antenna, and there are seven external antennas on the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600. The antenna is consistent with the router body in appearance design, and the most central antenna is also equipped with an atmosphere lamp. These seven external antennas are one independent IoT equipment antenna, two 2.4GHz antennas and four 5GHz antennas. Through this design, we can ensure a wider signal coverage and further enhance the performance of the router through the wall.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 antenna.

As 24-hour working equipment, the router needs to consider the problem of heat dissipation at the beginning of the design. Good heat dissipation can make the router work stably and reliably for a long time. There is a large area heat dissipation hole at the bottom of the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600, which can quickly transfer the heat of the fuselage to the outside, and the top grille also plays a certain role in heat dissipation, so that the router can work efficiently and stably.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 heat sink.

Qualcomm Quad Core SoC creates extreme performance experience for routers.

When we choose computers and smartphones, we usually distinguish the difference in performance according to the number of cores of processors. Generally speaking, the more cores, the stronger the performance. Most of the routers used in daily homes use single-core or dual-core processors, while the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 carries Qualcomm IPQ8071A chip, 4-core A53 architecture, 1GHz clock rate, and dual-core network acceleration engine chip. Compared with 128MB-only routers on the market, this product also has a huge amount of 512MB memory. This configuration enables the router to connect more devices and make it more playable.

In addition to the Qualcomm IPQ8071A main chip, the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi chip of the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 supports 4x4MIMO and 802.11ax for QCN5024, 5GHz Wi-Fi chip for QCN5054, AIoT antenna part for QCA9889 SoC, these chips are the current high-end brand thousand yuan price e-sports router will use the configuration.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600.

In order to bring users a better experience, the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 is equipped with six high-performance signal amplifiers, including 2 external high-performance signal amplifiers in 2.4GHz band and 4 external high-performance signal amplifiers in 5GHz band (PA power amplifier + LNA low noise amplifier). The power amplifier can effectively enhance the transmission power of the signal and make the signal transmit farther. The low noise amplifier is used to improve the sensitivity of signal reception so that the router can receive weaker signals.

More importantly, the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 is a WiFi 6 router. WiFi 6 is the latest network protocol standard released by the WiFi Alliance, and the standard code is 802.11ax. In terms of a frequency band, WiFi 6 covers 2.4GHz and 5GHz, perfectly covering low-speed and high-speed equipment and modulation modes. WiFi 6 supports 1024m QAM, which is higher than 256m QAM of WiFi 5, with higher data capacity and faster data transmission speed. At the same time, a new OFDMA technology is added to support multiple terminals to transmit in parallel at the same time. It can be said that the emergence of WiFi 6 not only increases the upload and download rate, but also allows more devices to connect to the network, and greatly improves network congestion.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 provides both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, both of which support 11ax technology. According to official data, the theoretical rate of Wi-Fi 6 AX3600 is 155% higher than that of Wi-Fi 5 AC1200. In the era of the Internet of everything, WiFi 6 can significantly reduce data latency and stutter when multiple devices are connected at the same time.

Create the ultimate speed experience based on WiFi 6.

After the house secretary changed the broadband at home to 500 megabytes of fiber, he felt that the router became very difficult to face with 500 megabytes of fiber. After replacing the router with Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600, both the network speed and experience were significantly improved. First of all, in terms of network speed, using SpeedTest test found that the router download speed of 410Mbps, upload speed of 37.4Mbps. The Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 has a download speed of 615Mbps and an upload speed of 42.8Mbps.

Network speed test.

Based on MU-MIMO technology and OFDMA technology, multiple antennas of Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 are allowed to serve multiple devices at the same time, and data can be sent to multiple terminal devices with only one transmission. When two phones that support WiFi 6 measure the speed at the same time, the download speed can reach 580 + Mbps. Compared with traditional routers, it not only avoids slowing down the experience of other devices because of one low-speed device, but also has lower latency, which significantly improves the transmission efficiency of multiple devices working at the same time.

5G+AIoT strategy is Xiaomi Group’s strategy that runs through full-product, full-platform and full-scene service capabilities. According to the financial report of Xiaomi Group in the first half of 2019, the, Xiaomi IoT platform has connected 196 million IoT devices, and more than 3 million users have 5 or more IoT products. As the network foundation of the whole AIoT, the router should also be integrated into the Xiaomi IoT platform.

Automatically discover uninitialized Xiaomi smart devices around you.

For this reason, the, Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 is specially equipped with an independent IoT device antenna, which supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band at 150Mbps and 433Mbps respectively. At the same time, targeted optimization is carried out based on AIoT devices, through independent AIoT smart antennas, after opening Mijia App, you will automatically find uninitialized Xiaomi smart devices around you, and you can configure the network for new devices with one click, eliminating the process of manually adding search devices and manually entering passwords. Thanks to the strong hardware configuration, the, Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 can connect up to 248 devices, meeting the daily needs of most homes.

At the same time, aiming at the complete problem of AIoT network, which is more concerned by everyone, Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 can provide security protection for the mainstream smart home devices of various brands in the market, and the use of Xiaomi WiFi App can detect potential vulnerabilities and risks with one click. When facing the access of unfamiliar devices, you can block the access according to the set security level, or prompt the user to block directly. On Xiaomi WiFi App, mobile phones and smart home devices are segmented, making it easier for users to operate. And Wi-Fi 6 also supports WPA3 encryption protocol, more mature identity authentication algorithm greatly increases the difficulty of being cracked, with IPv6 technology, so that the use of more secure, more assured.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 built-in NetEase UU Accelerator plug-in, whether using PC, game console or mobile phone to play games, all bring users a better network experience. At the same time, it has the global network acceleration function of mainstream mainframe games such as PS4, Switch, Xbox One, etc., to reduce the delay of online battles and solve the trouble of game login timeout. It is entirely possible to regard the Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 as a e-sports router.

Every time you open the phone to connect to WiFi, you will find a long list of WiFi names. When many WiFi signals are intertwined, they occupy the same channel, and cross-signal coverage is easy to form interference. In order to solve this problem, Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 can effectively reduce the signal interference between multiple routers through BSS Coloring technology, based on monitoring and color marking mechanism and algorithm. Users can also manually optimize the channel in Xiaomi WiFi App to improve communication efficiency. In addition, Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 also supports Wechat friends direct Internet mode, children mode, WiFi intelligent speed limit and other functions to meet the different needs of users.


If 5G allows users to have a very fast network experience outdoors, WiFi 6 with gigabit fiber can provide users with better network services indoors. At present, the phones that support Wi-Fi 6 on the market are Xiaomi 1010 iPhone 11 series, Samsung S10 series, Note10 series, and other products. With the continuous introduction of 5G phones, WiFi 6 will become the standard for more phones. 5G will be used in conjunction with WiFi 6 to complement each other in-network coverage and charges.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600.

Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 is based on the birth of this era, used with mobile phones that support WiFi 6 to bring users a better network experience, and smart home products to provide them with a more stable and secure network foundation. It can be said that Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 has become the best choice for the Internet of everything in smart homes.

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Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 using experience review
Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 using experience review
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