The popular standing office in Facebook actual measurement: it does protect the waist, but it hurts the legs

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It is said that standing office is first popular in foreign technology companies such as Facebook and Google, and slowly more and more domestic technology companies and individuals begin to choose standing office. What on earth is this operation? Is there any scientific theory? Or do you just feel that standing up in the office is more like pointing and scolding Fang Yu?

April Chambers, a professor of bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, believes that the biggest benefit of standing up is to relieve physical pain and discomfort, which is very suitable for patients with cervical and lumbar spine injury and back pain.

We all know that sitting for a long time is very harmful. Studies have shown that when people are sitting, the stress on their spine is several times greater than that of standing, which can easily lead to lumbar disc herniation, especially for office workers who work at computer desk all day long. There are also 996 high-intensity workers who often appear incorrect sitting posture unconsciously, and the company”s seats are not tailor-made and may not be suitable for every user. After working day by day, shoulder and neck pain is a common occurrence, and there are even studies that associate sitting for a long time with Alzheimer’s disease. Sitting too much can hurt the brain.

Before the editor, there was a period of intense work, often backache, shoulder and neck muscle pain to life can not be loved, in the use of shoulder and neck relaxer can not relieve the situation to see a doctor, was diagnosed as cervical dislocation, and finally the doctor helped me to implement joint adhesion traditional loosening and joint reduction, with a crackling operation down, the whole person as if reborn.

But this is always a temporary cure, and if you want to avoid shoulder and neck pain, you still have to correct your sitting posture, but in practical work, most people always sit and stoop unconsciously and lean their necks forward, so the editor decided to stand up this time! Try the most popular “standing office” nowadays.

First of all, the general desk height is not suitable for standing office, so we need to buy a computer desk of appropriate height first. After thinking it over, after doing my homework, I decided to get a computer desk that could rise and fall. It was appropriate to stand and sit, and it was very thoughtful. That is, I didn’t take a closer look at the order, and only after I got it, I found that the lift actually weighed 17.41kg, which was worthy of the price, but it cost a lot of money to move and install.

Then, I tried to stand up and work for a week, because I didn’t do the test on purpose, so I got more subjective feelings. First of all, there is a significant improvement in posture, especially in the waist and back, the whole is in a very relaxed state, almost no backache occurred, but because of the tension in the muscles of the keyboard for a long time, the pain in the shoulder and neck is still not relieved. Finally, what I feel most is that my legs are really tired, which reminds me of my nightmare of working in front of an assembly line during my summer vacation, and even my friends studying medicine frightened me to be careful of varicose veins in my lower limbs after standing like them for a long time.

In fact, standing up in the office is not a panacea to prevent the danger of sitting for a long time. Standing for a long time is the same as sitting for a long time. Maintaining such a posture for a long time will increase the risk of chronic disease, which is not good for your health. As for some businesses who claim that standing office can get in shape, eliminate waist and belly fat, belly and big cake buttocks and even lower blood pressure, I just want to say that the extra weight eaten by strength can not be eliminated by standing still, shaping is impossible!

Therefore, it has also been suggested that you can change your standing posture from half an hour to one hour, sitting for a while and then standing for a while, which is the second best choice, because the real way to eliminate the negative effects of sedentary is exercise, lack of exercise, is a greater health threat.

In this case, some foreign experts began to advocate the use of treadmill desks. as for the effect, we don’t know. Anyway, I can’t work half-heartedly and exercise at the same time, which consumes not only mental energy but also a lot of physical energy.Decline in work efficiency. ,Physically and mentally exhausted, it is estimated that he will be a salted fish when he comes home from work.

Of course, in addition to exercise, “standing phase, sitting phase” is also the key, whether standing or sitting, should keep the computer monitor and eye line of sight at the same level, and do not hunchback, do not shrug when typing.

Finally, if there are still friends who want to try standing up and working in person, I strongly recommend buying a lifting computer desk. After all, only a little fool stands all the time, which is no different from sitting all the time, messing with his feet. However, no matter sitting or standing, any fixed posture for a long time is harmful to health, adhere to exercise is the king, anyway, my lift has been idle fish, you feel free.

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The popular standing office in Facebook actual measurement: it does protect the waist, but it hurts the legs
The popular standing office in Facebook actual measurement: it does protect the waist, but it hurts the legs
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