Our student days are colorful because of MacBook Air

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MacBook Air.

Now there are plenty of lightweight notebooks, but when people mention lightweight notebooks, the first thing that comes to mind must be MacBook Air, because the product has always been “lightweight and portable” as the main, but also led the industry in a new direction.

On the eve of the school season, Apple brought us the 2019 MacBook Air. The laptop is still ahead in appearance, and the 13.3-inch retina display conveys true color to our eyes. Of course, it also maintains the usual light and portable experience, coupled with the price of less than 10,000 yuan, breaking people”s impression that “MacBook is expensive” in the past. It can be said that it should be a MacBook product tailor-made for the student party in pursuit of extreme frivolity.

An extremely frivolous design.

Why do more and more student parties like MacBook? I think super good looks must be one of the reasons. After years of updating and iteration, MacBook Air has formed a fixed design style. The wedge-shaped fuselage made of 100% recycled aluminum not only highlights the environmental properties, but also brings a sense of lightness, and you won’t feel particularly tired when you hold it in your hand.

In the 12-inch version of the MacBook, which debuted in 2015, Apple introduced notebooks without logo lights for the first time, and after several years of development, the “logo does not shine” design has become the mainstream of the MacBook product line. While it may seem a pity that Apple’s logo doesn’t work from an appearance point of view, it seems to me to be well worth it in order to build a thinner body.

MacBook Air can be put directly in the handbag.

According to the final result, the fuselage with the lowest, MacBook Air of 0.41 cm and the highest 1.56cm will not make people feel too heavy. Coupled with the redesigned screen, the overall size of the MacBook Air has become smaller, even if you put it in the bag, it will not feel bloated.

The touchpad area of the MacBook Air is larger.

Touchpad has always been the essence of MacBook Air, and a number of easy-to-use gestures are also popular with MacBook users. Although the overall size of the MacBook Air has been “slimmed down” after a round of “slimming”, the area of the touchpad has increased by 20%, and more space allows us to easily use a variety of touch gestures and, to some extent, bid farewell to the mouse, making it easier to use.

Of course, the highly acclaimed Touch ID in Apple’s ecology also appears on MacBook Air. Touch ID can enter the password with one click when starting up, cooperate with the iCloud keychain, and fill in the password in the web page with one click, which greatly improves the efficiency. In addition, although the overall size of the unit is smaller, Apple still has dual speakers for the MacBook Air. Usually in the dormitory play or video chat, sufficient low frequency can also make the sound effect become more three-dimensional, bring a good sense of hearing.


There are two Leili 3 interfaces on the left side of the MacBook Air fuselage.

The 12-inch MacBook may be extremely portable, but it is still slightly worse in terms of scalability. In order to ensure portability and improve the expansion ability at the same time, there are two Leili 3 interfaces on the left side of the body of, MacBook Air, both of which are full speed interfaces of 40Gb/s, which can connect the hard disk and display without worrying about charging, which greatly improves the expansion ability of MacBook Air.

The Retina screen brings an outstanding look and feel.

A few years ago, I would hardly recommend MacBook Air, to others for no other reason, precisely because of its poor screen resolution and display. At a time when the “retinal display screen” is becoming more and more popular, the, MacBook Air screen does have a lot of room for improvement.

The MacBook Air has a 13.3-inch retina screen.

Fortunately, Apple has noticed the problem of screen display in the MacBook Air product line. on the 2018 MacBook Air, this retina display with a resolution of 2560 x 1660 has successfully bid farewell to pixels, and when displaying pictures or text, the high-definition screen can make the picture full and the text sharper.

On the 2019 MacBook Air, Apple brings another feature to enhance the user experience, which is the addition of “original color display technology”. When we study in the library or read in the dormitory, the, MacBook Air screen will adjust the color of the screen according to the color temperature of different environments, and the screen display effect will become more natural, allowing people to focus on the content on the screen.

The 2019 MacBook Air supports original color display.

A more colorful screen can greatly enhance our experience. Now PS drawing or making PPT has become a daily practice for college students. When using MacBook Air, this high-resolution screen will make you love it. In addition, watching online video in your spare time is also the best pastime for college students, when MacBook Air’s high-definition screen will certainly immerse you in the video content.

Lower weight, better endurance performance.

The student party that buys game books may not care about the weight of laptops, but friends who often commute to libraries, dormitories and classrooms must prefer to travel light. It is well known that, MacBook Air has always been synonymous with “lightweight notebook”, and it can be said to have done a very good job in weight control.

MacBook Air.

The same is true of the 2019 MacBook Air, which weighs only 1.25kg and is easy to pick up with one hand. However, if the whole machine is designed to be lighter and thinner, but not equipped with a battery with longer battery life, the loss obviously outweighs the gain. Fortunately, the battery life of the MacBook Air is quite good, and the electricity for 12 hours can basically meet the needs of the whole day. Even if you are a heavy user who needs to deal with complex content, the 30W charging head equipped with, MacBook Air will not be a burden to you.

When living on campus, MacBook Air can always bring me a kind of “sense of security”, which is due to the long-lasting service of MacBook Air. Before, when using other notebooks, I would always worry that the battery would run out if there was no power connection, but after using the MacBook Air, this feeling of “panic” almost never appeared. I think everyone would like the comfort brought by the long range.

Meet the performance of lightweight use.

In fact, the, MacBook Air has such a good battery life performance, it is inseparable from its internal Core i5 dual-core processor whose main frequency is 1.6GHz. Perhaps the Parameter Party thinks that the performance of MacBook Air can not meet the needs of daily use at all, but considering that most student parties do not have too many complex needs and need to commute to and from many different locations during daily use, the weight of portability is obviously higher than performance.

Of course, this dual-core Core i5 chip can also meet some lightweight professional needs. For example, using PS to deal with large pictures, using Final Cut Pro X to edit small videos for learning, and so on, MacBook Air can be fully competent. After all, in addition to CPU, the extremely fast SSD solid-state hard drive inside the fuselage is also unmatched by other manufacturers.

The essence of MacBook Air: macOS system.

The essence of MacBook Air is mostly in macOS system. It can be said that if you are going to buy MacBook Air and install Win, it is really not as good as to buy a laptop with Win system in one step. After years of iterative updates, the experience of macOS is not much different from that of Windows, and macOS is far ahead in terms of fluency and software experience. In addition, macOS can basically put an end to some rogue software. Just imagine, near the end of the term, if we accidentally open an unknown file and cause something abnormal in the computer, then the important data saved on the computer will say goodbye to us completely, which obviously outweighs the gain.



As a key part of Apple’s ecology, macOS can also interact with iOS. For example, when we write documents or memos on Mac, we can continue to work directly on iPhone. Or we can see a wonderful piece of text on the mobile phone, which can also be copied and pasted on the computer through MacBook Air. This seamless experience is unique in the whole industry.

In addition, only the macOS system can play the full strength of the MacBook Air trackpad, macOS built-in a number of gesture functions, basically let us bid farewell to the mouse. We can always encounter some places where we can’t use the mouse at school, and with the touchpad of MacBook Air, it will not affect the normal work.

It is worth mentioning that Apple itself has designed a large number of easy-to-use App for the MacBook Air. For example, “iWork three-piece set” Pages, Numbers and Keynote, as well as iMovie and Ku band, these App are enough to meet most of our needs on campus. And the Mac platform itself also has free software such as WPS for us to use, so for the majority of student parties, basically will not worry about the ecological problems of macOS.

Pro App Education package.

As we all know, Apple has always been the first choice for video editors and musicians, and if you want to learn video editing or music arrangement, Apple’s benefits for students should not be missed. The Pro App education package, composed of Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4 and MainStage 3 App, costs only 1543 yuan, of which only one Final Cut Pro X is worth the ticket price, and these professional App, can also help you move to a higher level.


It is indeed interesting to be ahead of the times, with a slim and portable body, a longer battery life and many of the highlights of the smooth operating system, MacBook Air. For the student party, such a computer can also meet all the needs of college life. It can be said that it is precisely because of MacBook Air, that our student days can be more exciting.

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Our student days are colorful because of MacBook Air
Our student days are colorful because of MacBook Air
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