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Choosing a mobile phone is the same as choosing a friend, it is best to be like-minded and like-minded. It is true that the flagship machine is excellent in all directions and its performance is impeccable. But for many people, more features mean more power consumption and greater burden. At this point, we can turn our attention to more mid-range models, which have more magic and more “group” features. What we bring to you today is such a model, Lenovo Z6. Abandoned some of its “excess” features in exchange for a new species of fashion that coexisted with frivolity and longevity.

Young face, this is the frivolous and good feel

Today, with the popularity of smartphones, the word “feel” is still the pursuit of many people. The right weight and the comfort of the palm of the hand are personal secrets that can only be understood and indescribable. In terms of feel, this time Lenovo Z6 has reached a new height. The Lenovo Z6 has a 6.39in screen size, and the OLED to color laser screen has further reduced its thickness and weight, with a screen share of up to 93.1 per cent.


The overall appearance of the water droplets on the front is naturally the mainstream level, and the frame control is also very good, and the screen proportion of the whole machine is absolutely ahead of the products at the same price. In addition, the round frame of the fuselage before and after the curved surface Radian design, the combination of tight seams, brings a further improvement in the feel. The back of the fuselage is made of intelligent composite material, which is more flexible and transparent than glass; with a six-series aluminum frame, it is not only sturdy and durable, but also has a round Radian to further enhance the texture of the fuselage. 

The 159g lightweight fuselage is only 7.97mm thick, while the Lenovo Z6 carries a large 4000mAh battery. Such a dreamy combination is not the result of compromise, but a deep excavation of users” needs. This is obviously extremely important for many users who attach importance to battery life.

With an excellent feel, Lenovo Z6 is not relaxed in terms of appearance. In the face of today’s “face-to-face” society, Lenovo Z6 has walked out of its own elegant road. The 3D backplane of the back itself has a unique beauty of the curve, with a four-curved gradient mirror fuselage, the flow of light and shadow is not only the rhythm of life, but also the perfect embodiment of art. Don’t underestimate the attractiveness of good looks. That’s what young people like.

Smart water drop comprehensive screen, 93.1% ultra-high screen proportion, 159g light and thin fuselage, 3D streamer texture, these elements are Lenovo’s exploration of the needs of young users. So many elements are put together, but they don’t seem disorganized. The lightweight fuselage is equipped with a large battery of 4000mAh, which is the perfect realization of the key needs of users. Feel is not equal to weight, lightweight fuselage can also have a good feel!

In addition, the Lenovo Z6 is equipped with the sixth generation of screen fingerprinting technology. Through deep optimization at the system level and DSP acceleration technology, the unlocking speed and success rate have been greatly improved. According to the actual experience, it has a high tolerance for the posture and coverage area of the fingers, and the success rate and speed of unlocking are improved obviously, achieving a smooth experience of “one touch”. Not only does it have security, but there is no compromise in practicality.

Game sharp weapon, hardware + optimization is the last word

Nowadays, mobile games are very popular, whether on the bus or on the subway, mobile games can be seen everywhere, holding mobile phones and lowering their heads. Admittedly, performance is an essential hardware basis for games, but the collaborative optimization of the system is the secret to give full play to hardware performance. The Lenovo Z6 is equipped with the brand-new Snapdragon 730 AIE processor and has strong performance-amp; has excellent energy efficiency. The CPU performance is 25% higher than that of the previous generation 710. compared with the previous generation 710, the performance of the GPU is 20% higher than that of the previous generation. The super operation and storage with the highest 8+128GB is the foundation of fluency.

In addition to the hardware as the basis, Lenovo has also optimized many large games for the Snapdragon 730 processor to make the game screen smoother, less hot and stronger. Through the AI technology to judge the load requirements of the game, real-time intelligent control of the call of the CPU core to ensure that “money is spent on the edge”. Such intelligent performance resource scheduling can not only ensure the game performance, but also take into account the mobile phone power consumption, without affecting the game experience at all.

In order to make everyone feel more intuitively about the fluency of Lenovo Z6 in the game, we use the mainstream game frame rate testing software Gamebench to test. Here we try to play the mainstream 3D racing mobile game “QQ Speed”, which is a game with high requirements for picture processing. Through several games of play experience, we found that the performance of Lenovo Z6 is very good. The frame rate of the screen is smooth and stable, there is no frame drop or stutter, and the 3D map details of all kinds of large-scale games are rendered perfectly.

A complete and excellent game experience requires not only exquisite and beautiful pictures, but also sound effects. The Lenovo Z6 is equipped with Qualcomm aptX adaptive audio and Aqstic audio technology. Dolby panoramic surround sound mode can bring a more immersive and three-dimensional gaming experience. Especially for chicken-eating games, every shooting and distant footsteps can definitely become the best help on your king’s road.

Freeze-up is good, three-shot or smart zoom is better

In addition to games and battery life, another key feature of smartphones is taking pictures. For young people, using mobile phones to record beautiful scenery and themselves is the meaning of the existence of mobile phone photos. In terms of hardware, the Lenovo Z6 has a 24 million-pixel main lens, a 8 million-pixel lossless zoom lens, a 5 million-pixel virtual portrait lens, and a 16 million selfie lens with rich filters to freeze the most beautiful of you.

In the outdoor scene, Lenovo Z6 performed very well. Whether it is the distant sky or nearby buildings, are very clear, the picture contrast control is also very good, there is no dark or over-exposed situation. Even in the case of backlighting, it still restores the details of the sky and architecture.

In the indoor scene, Lenovo Z6 is still strong. In the scene with complex light, the white balance and exposure are well controlled, delicate apples, neatly arranged goods, clear details and strong expression.

In addition, Lenovo Z6 also supports portrait mode, which can simulate the virtual effect of large aperture background of DSLR. When shooting characters, you can create a dream effect of “only you in your eyes”. Of course, this is all due to the strong AI recognition ability of Snapdragon 730, which can only be achieved by separating the character from the background.

You can also use this feature in other scenarios if you like. You can also easily shoot the virtual effect of the large aperture background with a great sense of art! How about it? after reading these wonderful sample sheets, do you feel eager to try?

As a mid-to-high-end model, the Lenovo Z6 has found and planned a more “lightweight” life for us. It gives us away some of the excess performance in exchange for longer battery life and a slim fuselage. Its uncompromising gaming experience and photo-taking power are another advantage. For many busy young people, a mobile phone that takes care of you and lightens your burden may be the best companion for you to read Qianfan Road!

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Lenovo Z6 Hands On Review
Lenovo Z6 Hands On Review
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