Open the leather case the moment you want to have Sogou AI recorder S1 how to be more professional?

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Sogou AI recorder S1.

Prior to this, the editor has discussed the brand-new category of AI recorder with you more than once. Sogou is one of the leading AI recording pen companies. Previously, the editor tried and shared most of the lightweight products, focusing on portability, and many functions need to be assisted by mobile phones. At that time, many friends sent questions to the editor in various ways, asking if there was not a more comprehensive professional-level AI recorder?

Coincidentally, as the first product at the beginning of the year 2020, the editor recently got the newly released Sogou AI recorder S1, which is a more comprehensive and relatively independent professional AI recorder! After all, can it meet the needs of users for more professional functions of the original AI recorder?

Next, follow in the footsteps of the editor to experience this more professional Sogou AI recorder S1!

Appearance: professional, start with appearance.

Different from the Sogou AI recorder that has been tested by the editor before, after seeing Sogou S1, the first feeling is that it is finally like a professional recorder! From the design point of view, on the basis of retaining people”s original understanding of the modeling of professional-grade commercial recorders, more sense of science and technology has been added. Texture! This is a very emotional adjective, no matter from the look, or the first contact, Sogou AI recorder S1 gives me the feeling with the word “texture” can be summed up very aptly! If the feeling brought by this texture is to be described in words, the editor will say, it should be like this! The overall industrial design of Sogou AI recorder S1 successfully satisfies the imagination of professional recorders!

Of course, such a “texture” does not come out of thin air! The editor learned that in terms of materials, Sogou S1 used selected 6-series aluminum materials, coupled with nano-injection molding process, successfully ensured the light weight of the whole machine, but improved the texture of the product itself.

Different from the traditional recording pen, it takes into account the further improvement of the user experience. Sogou S1 uses a 3.5-inch touch screen, which brings not only changes in the user experience, but also rich application scenarios. In particular, many of the functions that originally needed to be realized with the help of the smartphone APP, with this touch screen, can be realized in Sogou S1 itself.

Physical buttons are more important for recording, especially for some special situations, such as sudden interviews, temporary forensics, etc., it is obvious that physical buttons are a better choice to open the recording. In this regard, Sogou S1 has also provided good support.


Side recording key and M multi-function button.

Pick up sound: 8 wheat array has no dead corner in all directions.

In the matter of picking up sound, Sogou AI recorder S1 still maintains the standard of professional recorder. First of all, in the hardware configuration, the two Harman 10mm directly above point to the microphone, which fully ensures the distance of directional recording. After measurement, a clear sound can still be recorded at a position of about 10 meters.

In addition to two 10mm pointing microphones, around the fuselage, Sogou S1 is also equipped with 6 omni-directional microphones, which better ensures that the recording needs of 360-degree omni-directional recording without dead angle in scenes such as meetings, and that a clear recording effect can be obtained when any position of the recording pen is the sound source in a week.

The quality of pick-up not only depends on the microphone hardware configuration, but also can provide good optimization in the algorithm. Sogou S1 can support clairVoice8 wheat array algorithm and pureVoiceAI noise reduction algorithm, both of which can better synthesize 8-channel microphone signals and achieve deep noise reduction. At the same time, the algorithm can be adjusted according to different scenarios, directional enhanced radio, and filter more than 40, 000 kinds of real noise.

Shorthand: minute-by-minute stenographer.

When it comes to AI recording pen, many people must be familiar with the shorthand function of real-time recording and text conversion. Based on the far-field speech recognition technology of Sogou bosom friend TM engine, Sogou S1 takes the experience of real-time text conversion in recording a step further. At the same time, supplemented by the synchronization of Sogou Input thesaurus, the transcribed content is more in line with the user’s habits.


One-year diamond membership rights and interests.

In the actual measurement, we can see that its accuracy is still very high, almost no errors will be seen, and the conversion speed is relatively fast, which can almost realize that the voice will appear on the screen.

Of course, in the process of use, users can also choose to record first, and then transcribe the resulting recording file. The data given by the official laboratory is an hour-long recording, which takes only about five minutes to be converted into text. In the process of measurement, the measured data are almost the same as the official data.

Transliteration of a recording.

In addition, because of the special relationship, many non-local colleagues here have not been able to come back to work, so the test of local dialects can only be done one-sidedly. In the process of measurement, Putonghua, Cantonese, Northeast Chinese, English and Japanese can basically be transcribed. This is confirmed by the official information. In the official introduction, Sogou S1 can support the transliteration of 20 languages. At the same time, it can also identify industry terms in five professional fields, including finance and trade, health care, IT science and technology, politics and law, culture and sports, and other industry-specific vocabulary.

Distinguish the function of the speaker.

In addition to the professional writing, Sogou S1 in shorthand collation, the function has also been further improved, such as through the voice print, after the text conversion, Sogou S1 can automatically distinguish what different people say, and make tags; in addition, based on Sogou bosom friend TMLP engine intelligent summary technology, Sogou S1 can also automatically extract the theme and key sentences of the recorded text. In the process of use, the user can mark the recording emphasis with one key of M key.

After converting the text, the key contents of the summary.

Generally speaking, compared with the previous AI recording pen products, Sogou S1 can be called a more professional stenographer, not only can turn the recording into a written record, but also can be further arranged, for users, greatly shorten the time to organize shorthand. If in the past, the process of sorting out the recording was to listen to it over and over again, and type it into words, and proofread it again; with Sogou S1, there is no doubt that all users need to do is a simple proofreading, and the energy and time saved is self-evident.

Translation: not only shorthand, but also a translator.

As a more professional AI recorder, Sogou S1 is not only competent as a stenographer, but also a competent translator. According to official data, Sogou S1 can support online translation in 63 languages and cover more than 200 countries. In addition, in the offline state, it can also support the offline translation of nine languages at the same time, which can basically meet the countries and regions frequented by Chinese people.

In the process of measurement, the editor chose English, Japanese and Spanish for the test. in the course of the test, Sogou S1 gave a good performance, perhaps the translation level is not up to the “faithfulness and elegance” of manual translation, but the general meaning can be seen at a glance. Used for emergency in the process of travel and negotiation, there should be no problem!

Simultaneous interpretation is not a new feature of AI recorders. Sogou S1 can support real-time Chinese-English translation, and the results of translation can be presented to many people simultaneously (need to be implemented with Sogou’s simultaneous interpretation Mini Program). There is no need to worry about remote meetings.

Interconnection: 4G independent networking to achieve more possibilities.

As a more professional and independent AI recorder, Sogou S1 is more independent than previous products. Mainly because it can realize the networking function more independently.

Sogou S1 has its own card slot, which can support the networking of Unicom and mobile 4G. Of course, users can also consider networking operations through WiFi. Under the condition of networking, Sogou S1 can more easily carry out recording transcription, cloud synchronization, online editing, sharing and other operations. Further improve the efficiency of users, such an experience, undoubtedly greatly enrich the use of AI recording pen scene, users can have their own different needs to make flexible choices.

After networking, the content recorded by Sogou S1 can also achieve multi-end synchronization and coordination through the cloud. After the recording of the product is over, the content of the recording is synchronized in the cloud, which can be quickly sorted out by turning on the computer, the front interview or meeting, and the recording is synchronized in the cloud, and then it can be edited in time to further enhance the efficiency of collaborative work.

Battery life: 10-hour recording uninterrupted experience.

Finally, we still need to take a look at the service life of the product. After all, the AI recorder is still an electronic product, and battery life is naturally a very important experience. In the course of the test, in the case of the screen, “Xiao Wang Diary” (a 43-minute song) was continuously recorded with Sogou S1, and it was recorded a little more than 13 times, which should be about 560 minutes. The time is shortened when the screen is bright, which is the same as the power consumption of smartphones.

This kind of endurance performance can undoubtedly meet the recording needs of most users. Of course, if the recording is expected to be carried out for a long time, the user can choose to charge and record at the same time.

Due to time constraints, the editor did not test the standby time, but according to the official data, Sogou S1 can achieve up to 20 days of standby experience in the state of the message screen. Such data, according to the above measured data compared with the official data is about the same, the editor thinks that it is still very credible! Under such circumstances, even if you forget to charge Sogou S1, there is no need to worry too much!

Write at the end.

Generally speaking, after a period of experience, the editor can give a high evaluation of Sogou S1! To use a colleague’s sentence to describe, “at the moment of opening the holster, I really want to have it!” Indeed, a more professional and textured appearance gives people a very good impression at first impression. Coupled with the overall mature and convenient experience, Sogou S1 undoubtedly stands out in the AI recording pen product camp and sets up a more professional image, which is very suitable for users with recording needs in their daily work.

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Open the leather case the moment you want to have Sogou AI recorder S1 how to be more professional?
Open the leather case the moment you want to have Sogou AI recorder S1 how to be more professional?
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