OnePlus 7T Pro comprehensive review: the king of flagship smartphones

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As far as I”m concerned, this is the only 2K 90Hz screen in the industry that makes me interested in this new flagship. After the actual experience, I also found more charm of this phone, the perfect combination of software and hardware experience, making OnePlus 7T Pro worthy of the title of “King of the year”. Below, let me take you on a new and smooth journey.

Continuous polishing of details, the achievement of a new experience

From the design point of view, the overall design language of OnePlus 7T Pro is still inherited from the classic OnePlus 7 Pro. The hyperboloid glass fuselage, supplemented by AG glass and multiple coatings, gives OnePlus 7T Pro an excellent feel.

If we take a closer look at OnePlus 7T Pro, we can still find some differences between it and the previous one. First of all, a laser focusing module is added to the back of OnePlus 7T Pro, which will participate in the focusing work when taking pictures, further increasing the focusing speed of OnePlus 7T Pro. In addition, the sea moon blue color matching of OnePlus 7T Pro also uses a gradient design, but the lighter color matching than Star Fog Blue also makes the phone appear more restrained and introverted. Of course, this year’s OnePlus 7T Pro only retains the more popular fog scrub texture, a continuation of the classic practice, which also counts as a perfect end to 2019.

At the press conference of the OnePlus 7T series, what impressed me most was Liu Zuohu’s announcement that the future OnePlus mobile phone would be equipped with a standard 90Hz screen. The new OnePlus 7T Pro, also focuses on this 90Hz fluid screen. The screen parameters of OnePlus 7 Pro are good enough. This Samsung-built AMOLED screen is the industry’s first 2K resolution 90Hz screen, and it also won the DisplayMate A+ score, which is already at the top of the industry. But what I didn’t expect is that OnePlus 7T Pro continues to polish the details on the basis of the previous work, further optimizes the screen and successfully achieves leapfrogging.

 This OnePlus 7T Pro is equipped with a 6.67inch 2K resolution screen. Thanks to the new luminous material, the screen contrast has increased from 1000000 to 4000000. In other words, this brand new material allows OnePlus 7T Pro to show richer and vivid colors.

Of course, the screen improvement of OnePlus 7T Pro is much more than that, it also comes with a 90Hz fluid screen. In fact, thanks to the maturity of the supply chain, it is not difficult to equip the flagship with an 90Hz refresh rate screen. However, how to fully eat this 90Hz screen, so that consumers experience the advantage of high refresh rate, obviously in the test of various manufacturers. At the press conference, OnePlus officially put forward the concept of “Bach calculus rate”, which makes in-depth optimization of 90Hz fluid screen at the hardware and software levels to create a smooth aesthetic feeling and interpret smooth music.

First of all, OnePlus engineers make full use of the powerful hardware configuration of OnePlus 7T Pro and rewrite the underlying performance scheduling algorithm of the native Android system to keep the 2.96GHz core of Snapdragon 855 Plus on standby at any time to ensure that the foreground applications can be allocated the strongest performance resources. In addition, OnePlus engineers reprioritized all touch and drawing, significantly reducing the response time for sliding operations, resulting in the sliding response speed of the 40ms, which is 38% faster than the average Android phone.

Through a better combination of hardware and software, OnePlus 7T Pro has done a lot of optimization for this 90Hz fluid screen. But for OnePlus, this is far from enough. As most App have not yet adapted to the screen with high refresh rate, OnePlus has also become a leader in the industry. By customizing a set of 90Hz application certification system belonging to OnePlus, the software 90Hz display is optimized and adapted independently to ensure that App can run perfectly on the 90Hz fluid screen, while animation effects and functional experience can also meet the high requirements of consumers. It is worth noting that this set of application authentication system does not require application developers to actively adapt, so it will not increase the workload of developers.

Overall, through state-of-the-art hardware configuration, good system optimization and the strong help of third-party App, the 90Hz screen of OnePlus 7T Pro has a smoother and more responsive interactive experience than a normal screen. This is the essence of “Bach Calculus rate”.

Actual experience, OnePlus 7T Pro does bring us a whole new visual experience. The smoother operation in the sliding process also makes this 90Hz fluid screen more “follow-up”. And after a redesign of the animation effect can also perfectly match the 90Hz screen, high refresh rate of system animation, not only bring a more delicate visual experience, but also let us realize what is really smooth.

More “follow-up” sliding experience

Now there are more and more pages with “waterfall flow” layout, and when sliding, the change brought about by the 90Hz screen is more obvious. When browsing Weibo with OnePlus 7T Pro, you can see that the 90Hz screen is smoother in terms of sliding fluency, and the screen with high refresh rate greatly reduces the drag phenomenon and makes the picture clearer.

By the way, the screen of OnePlus 7T Pro not only has a good refresh rate, but its display effect is also at the top of the industry. This screen has passed the authentication standard of HDR10+. When watching HDR videos of YouTube, Netflix and Tencent, you can obviously feel the higher light and shade contrast of the screen. This richer display of details also allows us to accurately understand the creator’s true intention.

Now it has become the norm to add “Blu-ray Eye Protection Certification” to the mobile phone screen, and as the new phone king, the screen of OnePlus 7T Pro is not exempt from vulgarity. The screen of OnePlus 7T Pro is certified by the German Association of Electrical Engineers (VDE) for low blue light eye protection. When used at night, the screen brightness of OnePlus 7T Pro can be reduced to 0.27nit. combined with eye protection mode, we can take better care of our eyes.

OnePlus 7T Pro focuses on the on-screen display effect, although these upgrades are implicit and not easy for consumers to perceive. But after getting started and playing carefully, you can feel the unremitting efforts made by Yiga for the user experience. After constantly tuning the 90Hz screen, it has also successfully achieved “no return”.

OnePlus 7T Pro performance

What kind of words will come to mind when you hear about the brand OnePlus? I believe that the vast majority of consumers will think of the “flagship”. OnePlus mobile phones only do boutique strategy, but also let many users in pursuit of performance to achieve “close their eyes to buy mobile phones.”

In terms of performance, the new OnePlus 7T Pro is also at the top. The OnePlus 7T Pro is equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform. Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 855, the main frequency of the new generation chip is as high as 2.96GHz. In addition, Adreno 640 GPU has also improved its graphics processing performance by 15%, and its strong performance is sufficient to meet daily application scenarios and mainstream mobile games. In addition, the OnePlus 7T Pro comes standard with the leading UFS 3.0flash memory, which reads and writes faster and provides a smoother experience when the application starts or loads.

OnePlus 7T Pro benchchmark score

According to the actual measurement, the score of OnePlus 7T Pro is 481950 points in an rabbit, and the score of CPU part is 142228 points, which is enough to show the powerful performance of OnePlus 7T Pro.

The most obvious scene showing performance is the game. In order to test the performance of OnePlus 7T Pro, I used the mobile game “QQ Speed”, which has been optimized for the 90Hz fluid screen of OnePlus 7T Pro. In scenarios such as drift and acceleration, it can give full play to the advantages of 90Hz’s high refresh rate screen.

For example, when drifting into the corner, the 90Hz screen of OnePlus 7T Pro can render the moving effect of the car body more smoothly, and there is no tear in the whole picture when the vehicle is moving at high speed.

Maybe empty words don’t show the difference between 90Hz refresh rate and 60Hz refresh rate, so we might as well give an example to show the difference between the two. I believe we all played “page turning animation” when we were young. Using a 90Hz fluid screen with OnePlus 7T Pro is equivalent to flipping 90 pages in a second, while using other mobile phones is equivalent to flipping 60 pages in a second. The two display the same content at the same time, and “90 pages” will certainly show more details. Reflected on the phone screen, it means that the 90Hz refresh rate screen looks more delicate than 60Hz, and the animation transition is more smooth.

Of course, displaying more pages also has an impact on mobile phone battery life. This OnePlus 7T Pro provides us with two options: 90Hz and 60Hz, if you are not interested in the smoother screen, you can also manually switch back to the 60Hz screen. However, I personally recommend using 90Hz high refresh rate mode, because when browsing Weibo or WeChat or playing games, the high refresh rate brings a smooth experience that makes people “can’t go back”, and OnePlus 7T Pro will automatically switch the refresh rate according to the scene, which will still work at the 60Hz refresh rate in some scenarios, so the power consumption will not be too large.

Pairs of refresh rates for 90Hz and 60Hz, and the OnePlus 7T Pro is still equipped with the most powerful X-axis linear motor in the OnePlus phone. This crisp vibrating experience, whether it’s daily typing or playing games, is hard to get back to.

OnePlus 7T Pro triple rear cameras with excellent shooting qualities

Smartphones, more and more people like to use mobile phones to record the beauty of life, because only mobile phones can help us take an excellent picture. In recent years, major manufacturers have made efforts to take pictures, including Yijia. Compared with other manufacturers who like to please people’s eyeballs through strong colors, Yijia cameras still prefer to record real life. The OnePlus 7T Pro uses a rear three-shot design, and the main camera still uses the classic 48 million-pixel Sony IMX586 sensor, coupled with a 8 million-pixel telephoto lens and a 16 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens.

OnePlus 7T Pro sample

OnePlus 7T Pro sample

In fact, we have experienced the performance of Sony IMX586 many times, and this OnePlus 7T Pro has not let us down either. Thanks to the four-in-one function of pixels, OnePlus 7T Pro can output high-quality pictures of 12 million pixels, the sample picture looks very transparent, and the details of the building can be well restored, bringing a good look and feel. Of course, OnePlus 7T Pro also supports up to three times the optical zoom, and distant views can be accurately recorded by OnePlus 7T Pro.

Compared with OnePlus 7 Pro, the improvement of OnePlus 7T Pro is also reflected in function. The “Super Macro” mode has been added to the OnePlus 7T Pro, which can be turned on by clicking on the flowers in the upper right corner of the camera interface before taking pictures.

When Super Macro is turned on, the phone’s nearest focus distance can reach 2.5cm, allowing us to see a different world when taking detailed photos. For example, if you shoot the texture of RMB, you can clearly see the word “RMB 100” in RMB 100, as well as the texture of RMB paper.

In addition to photo performance, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the video recording performance of a mobile phone. After all, at a time when video socialization is becoming more and more popular, the performance of mobile phones has long been satisfied with video shooting and editing, but the video recording ability of some mobile phones is really unacceptable.

How to improve video shooting quality? I think “the picture does not shake” must be very necessary. The new super anti-shake function of the OnePlus 7T Pro will certainly become a favorite of many players. When shooting a video, even if we create some jitter, OnePlus 7T Pro can make the picture as smooth as possible, and its anti-shake effect can even achieve a stabilizer-like experience.

Of course, super anti-shake will not affect the quality of the video. Because the video super anti-shake also supports 1080p resolution, which is good enough for daily use scenarios.

Cast “machine king” experience

May be seen by some as a regular upgrade on top of OnePlus 7 Pro, but when we actually use it, we can still find many unique advantages of OnePlus 7T Pro. The more effective 90Hz screen, the top performance still in the first echelon, newly upgraded photos and strong video shake resistance are all examples of the overall improvement of the details on the basis of the previous work by OnePlus 7T Pro.

In fact, it is not difficult to find that the relationship between OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus seven Pro is not iterative, but optimized on the basis of OnePlus seven Pro, which is also in line with the consistent characteristics of OnePlus “T” series of phones. Of course, constantly optimizing the experience of the 90Hz screen and turning it into a “Bach calculus rate” also shows a mobile phone “don’t make do with it” attitude. This attitude makes OnePlus 7T Pro what we see as the machine of the year, and I think it can also be your best choice.

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OnePlus 7T Pro comprehensive review: the king of flagship smartphones
OnePlus 7T Pro comprehensive review: the king of flagship smartphones
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