Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Apple Wants to Change Your Life

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Apple Watch Series 5

Remember when the original Apple Watch was launched, the most discussed question was, do we really need a square watch? At that time, square smartwatches such as Sony Smart Watch and Samsung GALAXY Gear were not very popular, and Motorola”s Moto 360s were more popular in terms of design. So when people learned that Apple was going to launch a square smartwatch, there was a glimmer of doubt in expectation.

Fortunately, the original Apple Watch conquered picky consumers with its exquisite design, multi-material body and rich watch strap, and this square dial design continues to this day. On the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple upgraded two sizes of Apple Watch screens, so the Apple Watch Series 5 continues the previous generation of designs.

The continuation of the previous generation of design does not mean that there is no innovation, whether it is the screen or the case material, the Apple Watch Series 5 has achieved a further improvement in these areas, while the return of the Apple Watch Edition series has also made the Apple Watch Series 5 more refined.


This time Apple Watch Series 5 introduces four kinds of watch case materials, which are 100% recycled aluminum metal, stainless steel, titanium metal and precision ceramics. The 100% recycled aluminum used in Apple Watch Series 5 is recycled from the iPhone production process and is a 7000 series aviation grade aluminum with rugged and lightweight properties. The Apple Watch Series 5 is not the first product to use 100% recycled aluminum, which was used in Apple’s MacBook Air and Mac Mini in 2018.


Is a commonly used material for watches, whether it is austenitic 304or austenitic 316 stainless steel. Since the beginning of the Apple Watch, Apple has also been bringing users the Apple Watch with a stainless steel case. In the face of common materials in the industry, Apple uses an original cold forging process to increase the hardness of the case by as much as 80% on the basis of its mirror-like glossy appearance.

On Apple Watch Series 5, precision ceramics have made a comeback, with higher hardness than glass and therefore more scratch resistance than glass. Ceramic material also has a warm and moist texture, while not shielding electromagnetic signals, making it an ideal material for mobile phones and watches. Precision ceramic materials were previously faced with difficulties in processing, high cost, low output and other problems, and now with the progress of technology, Apple has also re-used precision ceramic materials, which makes it one of the most expensive versions.

Titanium is a new material, this material is no stranger to many people, after all, many health products give titanium a lot of “magical” effects. Of course, despite these strange effects, titanium is lighter, stronger and more skin-friendly than stainless steel. And Apple also uses a special surface coating process for titanium shell, which has two colors of deep space black and primary color, and uses the same DLC drilling carbon coating process as stainless steel on deep space black, which is more resistant to scratching than the primary color and more outstanding in texture.


What the author gets is the Apple Watch Series 5 deep space black stainless steel case + Milanis black strap, the weight of the watch is 47.72g, coupled with the widely acclaimed Milanis strap, it has a comfortable feel of wearing at the same time, even if you wear it for a day, you will not feel pressure. Of course, it would be a good choice if you want others to know that you have a new version of Apple Watch, titanium and precision ceramics. Does the

Apple Watch Series 5 Always-On Display 

What is the best state of a smart wearable device? when I talk to my friends about this question, I think his answer is very meaningful. He said that when you don’t use a smart wearable, you won’t feel it, and when you need it, it will appear right in front of you, which is probably the best experience that smart wearers can bring to users. After using Apple Watch Series 5 and experiencing the “screen always bright” of Always-On Display, it brought me an experience like the above text.

Why would you say that? I don’t know if you will have such a habit when using it. Although Apple Watch can raise your wrist and brighten the screen, it will always subconsciously shake your wrist, making this process seem a little deliberate and unnatural. When I use this product, I will not feel this way, and the often bright screen also makes Apple Watch Series 5 more in line with the traditional watch habits when watching time.

Although the function of the screen always on sounds easy, it is difficult to make it on a watch. To achieve this function, the, Apple Watch Series 5 screen uses an ultra-low energy consumption LTPO display. It is understood that low-temperature polysilicon oxide (LTPO) is a new backplane technology, which combines the advantages of LTPS and IGZO backplane technology, and can also dynamically adjust the refresh rate of the screen. The previous generation of watches was equipped with LTPO technology, and Apple developed the characteristics of this screen more fully on Apple Watch Series 5.


Of course, there is still a slight gap between lighting the screen and standing by every day, no matter in terms of battery life or user experience. When the watch detects a sagging wrist, the refresh rate of the screen decreases from 60Hz to 1Hz and the brightness is reduced. At the same time, the second hand, color blocks, fonts and other elements on the dial are optimized to save power. After raising the wrist, everything is back to normal. You can also hide the email, heart rate and other information in the dial. When the wrist is drooping, the watch only shows the time, not sensitive information such as dialogue pop-up windows and notifications.

But unfortunately, the constant light function is only available on Apple Watch Series 5. In this regard, Apple explained that although the Apple Watch Series 4 also uses a LTPO display screen, but in order to achieve the screen still bright also need to cooperate with new low-power drivers, ultra-efficient power management, new ambient light sensors and system-level optimization can be achieved, so the old Apple Watch has no choice but to “say goodbye” in this function. The battery life of

Smartwatch has always been the focus of everyone’s attention. starting from Apple Watch Series 3, the battery life can reach one day to one and a half days when used at low frequency, but when the screen always lights up, people are even more worried about the battery life of Apple Watch Series 5. At this point, Apple’s official battery life is that the watch still has a battery life of up to 18 hours while keeping the display on the screen. According to the author’s measurement, when the screen is always on, after six hours of use, the power consumption is from 72% to 45%, which is basically in line with the standby time advertised by Apple., Apple Watch Series 5 has no pressure during a normal day.

So what does the screen always light up to bring? First of all, it will bring a more insensitive user experience, and you can check the time at any time without raising your wrist and shining the screen. When you are exercising, carrying things or squeezing the subway, you don’t have to lift your wrist or click on your watch. Although these scenes are not used frequently, they can improve happiness in terms of details.

WatchOS 6 makes Apple Watch Series 5 know more about health and you

Apple Watch Series 5 upgrades are not limited to the hardware level, the author believes that the upgrade at the software level is more obvious. As early as the 2019 Apple Worldwide developer Conference, Apple released the watchOS 6 developer version, and added its own App Store, to the system to enable Apple Watch to move forward from 0 to 1.

It can be said that the rich ecology of App Store has led to the achievement of iPhone,. Now App Store will also bring a significant improvement to the experience of Apple Watch Series 5. Apple Watch used to rely on iPhone, to download apps for watches through Watch App, but now with the addition of exclusive App Store, from fitness to finance, from maps to music, thousands of App downloads can be done on your wrist, a change that allows Apple Watch Series 5 to break away from iPhone, and become a complete individual. More importantly, watchOS 6 is downwards compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4, which also gives new life to old products.


WatchOS 6 with the addition of exclusive App Store, but also let more Apple Watch exclusive App play more space. WatchOS 6 keeps you informed of your health by keeping track of trends, menstruation tracking, and hearing health. Really do “know more about your heart, more in line with your wishes.”


The author first experienced the widely acclaimed heart rate monitoring, which was extended on Apple Watch Series 5. It can monitor your heart around the clock, check your heart rate at any time, and keep track of your heart’s health. In addition, when Apple Watch Series 5 detects that your heart rate is too high or too low, it will issue a notice to remind you to pay attention to your physical condition, even if you don’t feel anything different.

As a user of Apple Watch Series 4, “breathing” is the most common function I use when I feel distracted. With the animation on the watch, deep inhale and deep exhale can effectively relieve my pressure and release my mood. Now I can also set this function as a dial to calm myself down with the rhythm of the animation on my watch when I feel irritable.


What can be irritating? In addition to the numerous and complicated mundane things, there is also a noisy noise in the ear. Apple has added a “noise” function to Apple Watch Series 5 to monitor ambient noise and how long you stay in noise., Apple Watch Series 5 will remind you to leave with a gentle vibration when the noise exceeds the standard or reaches a level that may affect your hearing.

Male users may not feel that their little sister is troubled by their aunt, but they also know that girls need to be taken care of a few days a month. Menstruation tracking App has also been added to take care of female users, Apple Watch Series 5. Don’t find this function difficult to talk about. For women, an in-depth understanding of their menstrual cycle can help them have a clearer grasp of their health.


Now you can use this App to record your menstrual cycle information, you can add menstrual volume and record symptoms such as headaches and dysmenorrhea, and finally Apple Watch Series 5 will summarize this information into a concise chart for users to view. In addition, menstrual tracking App will analyze your records and automatically predict the time of your next menstruation or pregnancy, and when these time points are approaching, they will push messages to remind you to be well prepared. In addition, with the addition of App Store, you can now download more and more useful third-party App, such as Waterminder, YAZIO and Meditopia App from Apple Watch Series 5 to help you achieve what you want to achieve.


When danger comes, Apple Watch Series 5 will also become an important line of defense for your own safety. Once your watch detects that you fall, it will issue a fall alarm. If you do not respond within 60 seconds, Apple Watch Series 5 will automatically dial an emergency call, and your emergency contact will be notified and informed of your location. It is understood that this function has helped many people to get timely treatment. Apple Watch Series 5 not only monitors your health all the time, but now adds a “global emergency call” function. When you press the Apple Watch Series 5 side button, the watch will automatically dial the local emergency call. Apple Watch Series 5 also automatically identifies the region, calling 911 directly when you are in the United States and 110,119,120 in China. Just like you can make emergency calls without a SIM card on your phone, you can still make emergency calls even if you don’t have a cellular network service. But it’s important to note that this feature is exclusive to the cellular version, so for your own health and safety, you’d better spend more money on the Apple Watch Series 5 cellular version.

Through exercise, Apple wants to change your life

From the early days of Apple Watch, sports function has always been its core selling point, and now Apple Watch Series 5 has upgraded the concept of exercise, hoping to change your life through exercise. Recently, the author’s mantra to say hello to colleagues has become, is your circle closed? You might think this is a code between me and my colleagues, but it’s actually Apple’s fitness record circle challenge on Apple Watch, which combines activity, exercise and standing up to form a fitness record circle on Apple Watch. In addition, Apple will motivate you to make progress through functions such as personalized guidance, medals and fitness competitions.

At first, I didn’t care about this function, until one day I learned that many of my colleagues would launch a circle closure challenge every day, and even set up a WeChat group for this, and curiosity made me join their challenge team. With the passage of time, this activity prompted me to develop healthy living habits.


The active circle among the three rings will monitor your dynamic calorie consumption. Through this circle, I will know how many calories I burn every day, thus controlling my calorie intake to achieve the goal of losing weight. The green exercise circle and the blue standing circle also let me know how long I exercise every day, how long I have been a “salted fish”, and urge me to exercise more every day or get up and walk around the office after sitting for a long time.

Fitness Medal is also the motivation to urge me to close the circle every day. As an “outlier” who can play competitive games like “Honor of Kings” as card-collecting games, I naturally indulge in the collection of health medals. in addition to daily badges, in addition to daily badges, can also collect special medals on specific days, which is also the fun of collecting cards. I can also share my collection of medals and fitness record circles with others and satisfy my little show-off mentality.

Fitness record Circle Challenge, so that I really do not like sports, and come into contact with more sports. The physical training included in the system includes sports that most users participate in every day, such as running and yoga. You can also check your training trends over a period of time with the fitness record App, on iPhone. Apple Watch Series 5 can now download a richer third-party sports App, whether skiing or rock climbing, through App Store, and the third-party sports App transforms Apple Watch Series 5 into a more professional sports watch.


Compared with the previous generation, the all-weather retinal display screen equipped with, Apple Watch Series 5 specifically optimizes the App of physical training, allowing users to view exercise data and body status at any time without raising their wrists. Rhythmic music will also make the exercise process get twice the result with half the effort. The body capacity of the Apple Watch Series 5 has also increased to 32GB from the previous 16GB, and the large memory also allows the Apple Watch Series 5 to store more music. In the course of running, the combination of Apple Watch Series 5+AirPods made me get rid of the superfluous “burden” of iPhone completely.


In terms of hardware, the, Apple Watch Series 5 body also has a built-in compass. In addition to checking the floor and height climbed in the physical fitness test, Apple Watch Series 5 in the compass App can also tell you the current direction, inclination, altitude, longitude and latitude and other information, you can also add the compass to the dial for easy viewing and use.

Based on its own hardware base, software and open third-party applications, both light users and heavy fitness enthusiasts can feel the right experience through Apple Watch Series 5. At the same time, the Fitness record Circle Challenge can also drive people like me who barely exercise, so this feature allows more people to participate in it. Apple also hopes to let people know more about their health and develop a healthier lifestyle in this way.


Whether it’s the data research report of the authority or the feedback from people in daily life, Apple occupies the position of TOP 1 in the smart wearable field with Apple Watch. From the controversial original products to the current Apple Watch Series 5 Magi Apple Watch, it has achieved what people expected through repeated innovations.

Now Apple Watch is no longer a vassal of iPhone, but an independent individual as important as iPhone. In the process, Apple has added cellular networks, proprietary App Store, richer sensors and more health-related practical features. But Apple Watch has never been a substitute for iPhone, and the two complement each other.

For Apple at this stage, both iPhone and Apple Watch, hope to subtract users and lead to a better lifestyle through features such as screen usage time and fitness recording circle challenges. At the same time, Apple has made Apple Watch Series 5 a partner for users to lead a healthy life and provide them with more professional help.


As mentioned earlier, Apple Watch Series 5 should judge him in a more emotional way. It’s always there when I need it, and the rest of the time it’s quiet on my wrist. At the same time, it will always monitor my physical condition and health, and when I am in danger, it can bring me the help I need as soon as possible. This is Apple Watch Series 5, a life partner who understands you better.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Apple Wants to Change Your Life
Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Apple Wants to Change Your Life
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