You don’t have to do it at will, and this experience is in the Aqara smart home model room.

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Now the second phase of the house secret AI home plan will be held in Shenzhen, and Aqara, as one of the hosts, will not be absent, and compared with the previous event, the products used in the Aqara smart home experience are more and richer, which can give full play to the linkage between Aqara brand products and products, through these smart home products, for the “house secret test AI division” to bring a more intelligent use experience.The first day of the event coincides with Christmas. For this reason, the home secret general Aqara smart home model room has been dressed up. Now let”s take a look at it by video.

The linkage of a variety of sensors makes the use of smart home products insensitive.

The house secret has always believed that the ultimate evolution direction of smart home products is to make the use become insensitive. No manual operation by the user, through the preset instructions to complete the work, such as after leaving home, home appliances automatically power off, home equipment to resume operation, the real realization of the whole house intelligence.

In order to achieve this goal, the House Secret has carried out the ultimate transformation of the Aqara smart home sample room, first of all, in order to make the original ceiling lights in the home can be connected to the Aqara smart home ecosystem. The secretary of the house reformed the switch of the bathroom, the corridor, the living room, the balcony and the bedroom. Replace the original wall switch with the Aqara wall switch, so that the ceiling lamp can be controlled through the Aqara wall switch and the light can be turned on and off.

In addition, the secretary of the house is also in the bedroom door, balcony door frame and bathroom equipped with Aqara human body sensors, with Aqara wall switch use, to achieve human walking lights. The specific configuration logic is as follows.

Aqara human body sensor.

First of all, replace the door switch with the Aqara wall switch single fire three-key version, in which the left key controls the hall light, the middle key controls the living room chandelier, and the right key controls the bathroom light. Replace the switch on the balcony with the Aqara wall switch single fire and double key version, the left switch is used to control the living room chandelier, and the right switch is used to control the balcony light. The original switch in the room is replaced by the Aqara wall switch single-button version, which is used to control the ceiling light in the bedroom.

After the replacement is completed, set the automatic logic on the phone App and set the turn-on time to 22:00 to 7virtual 00. When the bedroom body sensor detects someone moving during this period, the bedroom ceiling light will be lit. When a person walks out of the bedroom, the balcony’s body sensor detects someone’s movement and turns on the porch light, while when a person walks to the bathroom, the body sensor in the bathroom detects the movement of the body and turns on the bathroom light. When the human sensor in the bathroom cannot detect the movement of the human body for five minutes, it will turn off all the lights that have just been turned on. In this way, when our secret AI division goes to the toilet at night, people can walk and turn on the lights they need. When they get back to bed, the lights will go out in turn, and all this can be achieved without having to do anything.

Relying on the Aqara intelligent door lock N100, the power supply of the equipment leaving home is cut off and the equipment at home is restarted.

As a blockbuster product launched by Aqara this year, Aqara intelligent door lock N100, in addition to supporting Mijia and HomeKit dual platforms, has a one-button defense button on its front panel. After setting the logic on the phone App, when you go out, you can turn off the lights and appliances with one click, and automatically start the camera. When you go home, you can unlock and unlock the defense, and you can wake up a warm home. The specific configuration logic is as follows.

Aqara Intelligent door Lock N100.

When the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 opens the defense mode, the Aqara gateway opens the guardian mode, at the same time, the left, middle and right switches of the Aqara wall switch single fire triple key version are all closed, the Aqara wall switch single fire double key version is right closed, the bedroom Aqara wall switch single key version is closed, then all indoor lights are turned off, and the air conditioning partner turns off the intelligent camera G2. When no one is at home, the human body sensor or the door and window sensor affixed to the window detects an anomaly and sends the abnormal information to the phone, while the smart camera G2 will record a 12s video and send it to the phone, so that the user can know the situation at home in time. And look for countermeasures.

When you go home, when you unlock it outdoors using any of the methods such as fingerprint, password, temporary password, emergency key, NFC, mobile phone Bluetooth, HomeKit, etc., the defense mode is turned off, the intelligent camera G2 is turned off, the Aqara gateway is turned off, the left, middle and right switches of the Aqara wall switch single-fire three-key version are all turned on, the Aqara wall switch single-fire double-key version is opened, the bedroom Aqara wall switch single-key version is opened, and the air-conditioning partner is turned on. Let you feel the warmth of home when you get home.

Write at the end.

In addition to the above linkage scenarios, the Aqara smart home ecosystem can also achieve more, for example, through the combination of Aqara temperature and humidity sensors and Aqara air conditioning partners, turn on the air conditioner when the temperature and humidity exceed a certain range, turn off the air conditioner when it is below a certain value, or place a Aqara wireless switch next to the sofa, which can be used to turn on or off indoor lights. Our secret test AI division eliminates the trouble of getting up to turn on and off the lights, and only needs to press the wireless switch to achieve the desired results.

It is not difficult to find that through the combination of different sensors, scenes such as sci-fi movies can be realized, while the use of products such as Aqara wall switches and Aqara air-conditioning companions can also be connected to the Aqara smart home ecosystem without intelligent lighting and appliances, and achieve effective linkage to make life easier and interesting.

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You don’t have to do it at will, and this experience is in the Aqara smart home model room.
You don’t have to do it at will, and this experience is in the Aqara smart home model room.
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