Xiaomi Mijia 1C Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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In today”s face-watching era, whether people or things, appearance sometimes brings unexpected effects, such as the desire to buy. As a necessary product of modern exquisite life, a hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner should also look good and be able to fight! Born under this concept, the Mijia hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner naturally has a good appearance.


There is a popular concept of dress matching on the Internet, that is, from head to toe, wear no more than three colors, because more than three will make people’s visual focus do not know where to put. By the same token, the secretary of the house feels that it is also applicable to put it on the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner. The overall color of the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is white, gray and orange. White and gray make the whole product look simple and generous and full of science and technology. With the addition of orange, the appearance of the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner becomes more intelligent, and the overall design please climb another high-rise building.


Each line on the product adopts curve transition, which increases the sense of refinement and reduces people’s impression of the vacuum cleaner as silly, big, thick and clumsy. Although most of the body of the Mijia hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner is made of polyester fiber, it does not affect the exquisite feeling of the product, and each interface has been smoothed, so there is no need to worry about unnecessary burrs when using it. In terms of appearance, Mi’s hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner has not lowered its own standard because of the price.


Many friends’ impression of the hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner is that the battery life is short, the suction is not big enough, and it is very heavy! So can Mi’s hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner meet everyone’s needs at these three points? Practice is the only criterion for testing the truth, and the purpose of everyone’s evaluation is to see the real situation of a product. Therefore, the secretary of the house conducted an imprecise but deadly test to see whether the Mi family’s hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner could meet the needs of everyone’s hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner.

First of all, there is weight. Compared with wired vacuum cleaners, although wireless vacuum cleaners get rid of the restrictions of wire harness, the battery built in the fuselage increases the weight of wireless vacuum cleaners. Coupled with the motor, it can be said that there is no strength in both arms. Using wireless vacuum cleaners to clean is really a physical task.


With the development of science and technology, high-density batteries and smaller, higher-power motors are more and more used in wireless handheld vacuum cleaners. According to official data, the overall body weight of Mi’s handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is about 1.5kg. What is the concept? Your hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner weighs as much as a 15.6-inch screen. Think about whether you already have a general idea of how you feel when you hold a thin book in your hand. And the wireless vacuum cleaner has also been specially optimized for holding, so in practice, it will not make people feel so tired that they have backache and leg cramps! The house secretary also weighs the accessories, including 340 grams for bed brushes, 126 grams for cyclone components and 230 grams for dust collectors, so the handheld won’t bring too much pressure.


Of course, light is not enough, a good vacuum cleaner also has a strong suction, then the suction of the rice hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner can absorb what? First of all, in the normal mode, the house secretary first chooses the mobile phone in the pocket, after pressing the switch, the mobile phone is easily sucked up, and then increases the challenge difficulty to see whether the Mijia hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner can pick up the notebook. Although the notebook can be lifted in the ordinary mode, it is easy to fall down. After turning on the MAX mode, it is easy to suck up the laptop. This is because in MAX mode, the highest 100AW suction power, about 23KPa suction, can be generated.


 Why does Mi’s hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner have so much suction? Because the Mi family hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner built-in 350W DC brushless digital motor, the maximum speed can reach 100000 rpm! Compared with brushless motors, brushless motors have the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency, low noise and long life. A good motor protects you with strong suction.


What is the actual cleaning effect? In the face of the scraps of paper all over the floor, the little secretary picked up the rice family holding the wireless vacuum cleaner and began to clean it. The scraps of paper on the ground were soon sucked clean. This is because the Mijia hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner uses multi-vertebra cyclone separation technology, which uses vacuum pumps and cyclone generating devices to produce a rotating and rising cyclone in the vacuum cleaner, which is like a small tornado.

 The Mijia hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner also uses a 9-spinal canal cyclone separator to generate 9 small tornadoes inside the fuselage, which can separate the dust into the dust cup and separate 2.6 μ m ~ 0.4mm dust into the dust cup. At present, most of the industry has adopted multi-cone design, the more cones, the better the cleaning effect, the number of cones has also become the main factor to judge whether the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is easy to use or not, while only a few currently adopt 9-cone or above design.


In terms of battery life, the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner has built-in six high-rate discharge-powered lithium batteries, which can provide up to 21A discharge current and bring lasting and stable function to the battery. And through the intelligent algorithm, in different stages of battery power, through frequency conversion control, to ensure that the input power is constant; under different vacuuming conditions, through the motor dynamic speed regulation to ensure the constant output power. The cleaning time is up to 30 minutes in normal mode and 6 minutes in MAX mode.

It is said that lazy people have changed the world, and technology does make life more and more convenient. Compared with traditional vacuum cleaners, Mijia hand-held wireless vacuum cleaners replace the traditional vacuum cleaner dust belt through cyclone dust cartridges, separating large particles at high speed through first-class cyclones, leaving large chunks of rubbish in the dust canister.


In addition, the fuselage has a built-in three-stage filter, which can lock 99.97% of the dust as small as 0.3 microns. The first layer is stainless steel metal mesh, which is made of 316 stainless steel, which can leave dust larger than 0.4mm in the dust cylinder. The second layer of internal filter mesh can block particles larger than 0.3 μ m, and the filtration efficiency at this stage can reach more than 95%, which can effectively prevent large particles of dust from entering the fan. In addition, the filter efficiency of the fan rear HEPA filter can reach 99.97%, which ensures that the air discharged from the fan is pure and does not cause secondary dust pollution.


The package comes with four multi-functional brush heads: gap suction head, hairy brush, ground brush and bed brush, among which the deep acaricidal flexible brush head has a acaricidal rate as high as 99.9%. Each brush head is connected by card buckle, which can easily change the single hand, and the dust box can be easily opened with one button, and it is more convenient to pour dust. In addition to the brush head, there is also an adhesive bracket in the package, which can be glued to avoid the user’s trouble of drilling holes.


Xiaomi calls Mi’s handheld wireless vacuum cleaner “high-end technology, half the price”. Through practical use, the house secretary found that Mi’s handheld wireless vacuum cleaner did do this. As long as you spend half the price of other similar products, you can buy a very good product. This is also in line with the idea that Xiaomi insists on making a good product with “touching and generous price”.

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Xiaomi Mijia 1C Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Review
Xiaomi Mijia 1C Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Review
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