Snapdragon 765G vs Exynos980 vs Kirin 810, which one has the best performance?

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As the “brain” of smartphones, the importance of processors is self-evident. When buying a mobile phone, most consumers will not only choose the appearance they like, but also pay attention to the performance of the phone. Users who know a little about the mobile phone market will spend more time picking processors.

Recently, the more popular mid-and high-end chips are Snapdragon765G, Exynos 980, coupled with the first Kirin 810 on the Honor 9X series, these chips are often compared by consumers. In addition, there is no shortage of models with these processors. The question is which of these mid-and high-end chips performs better? We have made an issue of review to show the parameters, performance and game performance of these chips. I hope we can answer your questions.

Chip performance

The Snapdragon765G, processor is a mid-and high-end chip recently released by Qualcomm. Its positioning is slightly lower than that of Kirin 810, and it is also manufactured by 7nm process. This processor uses the same Kryo475 architecture as Snapdragon855, with the highest frequency of 2.4GHz, while the GPU is Adreno620. Snapdragon765G is an integrated 5G chip that supports SA/NSA dual-module network, and the highest download peak is 3.7Gbps. The CPU performance of Snapdragon765G has been improved by 10% compared with the previous generation, and the performance of the GPU has been improved by 40%. The computing power of the GPU has been improved by up to 100%. The improvement of these aspects makes the running pictures of Snapdragon765G videos and games more smooth and realistic.

Snapdragon 765G

Exynos 980is an integrated 5G processor recently launched by Samsung, which adopts the core of A77 architecture, which greatly improves the chip efficiency. The capacity of AI algorithm exceeds 5T GPU using Mali-G76 MP5. At the same time, the processor supports SA/NSA dual-mode network, has the ability of fast transmission, and the highest download rate of 5G network is 2.55Gbps.

In addition, the NPU AI performance of Exynos 980 is improved by 2.7 times, and the co-frequency performance of CPU is improved by more than 20%. The processor also has a built-in high-performance image signal processor that can handle images captured by a lens of up to 108 million pixels, connect up to five image sensors and support three sensors to drive at the same time. In addition, with the NPU performance of the processor, the shape and environment of the photographed object can be automatically identified, and the camera setting can be adjusted by algorithm to bring better photos for users.

Exynos 980

Kirin 810 is no stranger, and the processor is often used on mid-and high-end models of Huawei and Honor phones. The processor is manufactured by 7nm technology and is equipped with Leonardo da Vinci NPU architecture developed by Huawei, which can greatly improve the computing power of AI per unit area and fully stimulate the computing potential of end-side AI; the AI running score of the processor is 320000, and the score is excellent; using the design scheme of 2 A76 cores with 6 A55 cores, the main frequency can reach 2.27GHz.

In addition, Kirin 810 uses Mali-G52 custom GPU, to optimize the depth of the game scene, making the game picture quality clearer. In addition, the chip also has flagship IVP+ISP image processing capabilities, which can enhance photography capabilities to a higher level; equipped with Huawei HiAI 2.0 technology, it can do intelligent optimization in image, gaming, and American sound; and supports dual-card and dual-VoLTE experience.

Kirin 810

Actual performance

The above three processors look at the hardware parameters are very eye-catching, then how the actual performance, we can use the experience to find out. We mainly compare the performance and heat of these processors.

Parameter comparison

The following picture shows the running score of AnTuTu. If you take a closer look at the total score gap among the three, it is not very big. The scores of Snapdragon765G, Kirin and Exynos were 312676, 319302 and 327230 respectively. The difference in total score mainly exists in the CPU item. There is no significant difference between Snapdragon765G and Kirin 810, which is 102790 and 103545 respectively, except that Exynos 980gets a higher score of 117352 in this project. In the GPU project, the scores of Snapdragon765G and Exynos were basically the same, with 86768 and 88791 respectively, and Kirin scored 84648. The same is true in other projects, where the performance of the three processors can be said to be catching up with each other.

Score for three processors

Snapdragon765G and Exynos 980 compared with Kirin 810 in terms of running points.,It doesn”t stand out from the crowd, and as a processor released last year, the Kirin 810 has shown good combat effectiveness.

AnTuTu running scores of Snapdragon765G, Qilin 810 and Exynos 980 mobile phones

Next, let’s continue to verify the CPU single-core and multi-core running scores of these three processors. First of all, three processors are tested with Geekbench 4, the results show that the single-core score of Snapdragon765G is 2860 and the multi-core score is 7748, the single-core score of Kirin 810 is 2786, the multi-core score is 7688, the single-core score of Exynos 980 is 3086, and the multi-core score is 7442. In terms of single-core and multi-core scores, the multicore performance of Exynos 980 is slightly lower than that of Qilin 810, but it gives the strongest single-core performance by virtue of A77 large core. The multicore performance of Snapdragon765G is similar to that of Kirin 810.

Exynos 980, Qilin 810, Snapdragon765GAnTuTu single-core, multi-core running score

On the other hand, we found two popular mobile games on the market for testing.Including “King Honor” and “Game for Peace” to see how the mobile phones corresponding to the three chips perform in the face of large-scale online games.

Snapdragon765G mobile phone runs the frame rate of the game “King of Honor”

Kirin 810 mobile phone runs the frame rate of the game “Masters Honor”

Exynos 980 mobile phone runs the frame rate of “King of Honor” game

“King Honor” is a large 3D game that requires a high-performance processor to get a good gaming experience. After the completion of the test, the frame rate performance of the three phones remained at or above 60FPS after turning on the highest picture quality. The average frame rate of Snapdragon765G is maintained around 60FPS, that of Kirin 810 is around 60FPS, and that of Exynos 980 is around 62FPS (Note: ultra-high resolution mode is not supported for Exynos 980 phones). Judging from this result, the three chips seem to be able to cope with the game. From the experience of the actual trial, “Masters Honor” can get an excellent game experience by keeping it at full frame, and it is very smooth both in group play and intensive release of skills.

We also tested the performance of these processors through the “Game for Peace” game, and the test data was similar to that of playing “Masters Honor”. The frame rate of the game screen of the three mobile phones is maintained around 30FPS on average.

Frame rate of “Game for Peace” game on Snapdragon765G mobile phone

The frame rate of the game “Game for Peace” on Kirin 810 mobile phone

Frame rate of “Game for Peace” game on Exynos 980 mobile phone

Heating control

After a 10-minute game test, we recorded the temperature on the back of three phones with three processors. During the test, the three phones were all in the same environment and installed the same number of software, so they were completely comparable. The test results show that the fever of the phone with Exynos 980processor, Kirin 810 and Snapdragon765G is 37.0 °, 37.0 °and 37.1 °respectively.

From left to right are: models equipped with Snapdragon765G, Qilin 810 and Exynos 980s

It can be seen that the heating temperature of these phones is controlled at 37.0 °. Playing large 3D games, the temperature of the fuselage can be controlled at about the same temperature as the human body, which is completely friendly. Although the game time is not long, but can also reflect from the side of the three chips on the heat control are good.


Honor 9X with Kirin 810

Maybe you can see a little difference in the running scores of these processors in the running software, but in the process of using mobile phones every day, we find that there is not much gap, and the results of the game frame rate test speak for themselves. Snapdragon765G and Exynos 980 have played as well as they should, enough to cope with the daily use of users. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Qilin 810 processor. It is worthy of being called the generation god U by the majority of netizens. Many previous test results also show the super strength of this processor. In addition, it is worth noting that the Snapdragon765G and Exynos 980s are processors that were launched at the beginning of this year, while the Kirin 810s were released last year and can perform at the same level as the other two processors, which makes me look forward to the Kirin 820s all the more.

Also, last year’s launch of the Honor 9X with Kirin 810. From the design of the mobile phone to the hardware configuration, it shows its strength. The overall performance and actual experience of Kirin 810 are comparable to those of the new similar chips, but the price of phones equipped with this processor is only 1/3 of their price, highlighting the law of “true fragrance”.

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Snapdragon 765G vs Exynos980 vs Kirin 810, which one has the best performance?
Snapdragon 765G vs Exynos980 vs Kirin 810, which one has the best performance?
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