Panasonic air disinfector review: don’t give bacteria 30, 000 chances to destroy you.

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According to the data, the breathing rate of adults is about 20 times per minute when they are calm, while that of children is about 20 times per minute. Bacteria and other air pollutants invade our bodies all the time in the nearly 30,000 times of breathing every day, endangering the health of our families. In order to solve this problem, can the air disinfector F-VJL75C2 launched by Panasonic be solved effectively? Follow our review and see how it performs.

Air disinfector ≠. Air cleaner.

For the air disinfector, both the qualification examination and the requirements of the product itself are more stringent. First, it needs to be examined and put on record by the Health and Family Planning Commission, second, the production enterprise needs to obtain a license, and the third is the requirements for machine performance. According to the “Disinfection Technical Specification”, the testing standard needs to do more than two experiments on the product.

From the point of view of the working principle, the Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 effectively filters the bacteria, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the room through the internal pre-filter screen, dust collection and deodorization integrated filter, water truck type humidification filter and plasma generation device, and purifies, disinfects and sterilizes the indoor air layer by layer, and outputs very clean and sanitary air.

When the front panel is opened, the first filter is a pre-filter, which can filter large volume of pollutants such as dust and hair, and prolong the service life of the dust collection filter at the same time.

After removing the pre-filter screen, you can see the integrated filter screen of dust collection and deodorization of Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2.The seemingly simple filter actually contains multiple purification technologies..

In order to deal with many kinds of harmful bacteria in the air, lysozyme coating and catechu poison coating were added to the integrated filter net of dust collection and deodorization. Biological lysozyme technology strongly dissolves the cell wall of pathogenic bacteria and cleaves bacteria through hydrolysis, while chain catechu can bind and lock up the captured virus and make it inactive.

In addition, Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 has a built-in plasma generator to actively inhibit the activity of planktonic bacteria and attached bacteria by producing highly ionized gas clouds. In addition, H13 grade filter material is added to the filter screen, which also has a certain filtering effect on bacteria. These four major sterilization technologies are combined to create a very excellent disinfection and sterilization effect of Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2.

Strong sterilization ability to speak with data.

Screenshot of part of the test report.

According to the report of the testing agency, Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 can effectively remove 10 kinds of bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus albicans, Serratia marcescens, Hemolytic Streptococcus, H1N1, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Aspergillus Niger.

 * The bacterial toxin removal rate of more than 99% refers to the inhibition rate of the above 10 kinds of bacterial toxins, and the data are measured by third-party testing institutions under specific laboratory conditions, and may change according to the environment in which they are used.

According to the test report of the air natural bacteria elimination rate of Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology, the field experiment was carried out by turning on the air disinfector under the non-laboratory environment of non-constant humidity and temperature. the results showed that the elimination rates of natural bacteria in the air were all ≥ 90%, and the test conclusion was that the disinfection was qualified.

Thus it can be seen that Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 has a very good sterilization ability even in the actual environment, which also shows Panasonic”s high standards and high requirements for air disinfector products.

PM2.5. Formaldehyde, all in one net.

Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 is equipped with H13 grade HEPA filter, which can not only intercept harmful dust and bacteria, but also.Deal with. PM2.5. Is also a good hand, high standard strainer.For 0.3 μ m ~ 0.5 μ m.The filtration efficiency of particles can reach. 99.97%. .

We light a small piece of tobacco cake in the bedroom to produce a large amount of particulate matter, according to. Panasonic. Air. Disinfector. Self-contained. Of. PM2.5. Monitor. Show, the beginning of the room. PM2.5. The concentration is.251 μ g / m.3 And then we open it.Fast gear of Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2.

PM2.5 purification process.

After about 30 minutes of purification, the indoor concentration of PM2.5 has been reduced to 11 μ g / m.3The air quality reached an excellent level.

Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2.Integrated filter net for dust collection and deodorization. Medium. There is also a carbon-free aldehyde removal layer, which is used to adsorb formaldehyde.

According to the report of the third-party monitoring agency,The ability of Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 to remove formaldehyde is also relatively good, which is very practical for families moving to new homes or families with formaldehyde pollution.

Allergen, odor.

The pollutants in the home environment are far more than these. Allergens and odors are also “enemies” that affect human health and home comfort. Thanks to multiple filtering technology,Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 can effectively reduce 7 common allergens in daily life, including pollen, cat allergen, dog allergen, dust mites, mold, bacteria and cigarettes.

For people who are prone to allergies or families with babies or pets, they can create a safe, healthy and comfortable air environment.

It’s not only a disinfector, but also a humidifier.

Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 has humidification function, which can be used after the side water tank is filled with water, which can purify and sterilize and humidify the air at the same time.

However, different from the principle of ordinary humidifier, Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 does not use ultrasonic humidification, but uses gasification humidification. The water vapor particles humidified by ultrasonic wave are large and easy to become the carrier of bacteria, which conflicts with the meaning of the disinfector itself. The vaporized water vapor particles are much smaller than the size of bacteria, so they are not easy to become the medium of bacterial transmission.

The unique waterwheel type humidifying filter adopts three-dimensional weaving, which can effectively filter the impurities in the water and realize the uniform humidification of the whole house.

According to the actual measurement, the indoor humidity can be increased from 59% to 70% in 10 minutes. Of course, as the author is in Guangdong, the air is relatively humid, and the humidification effect will be better for friends in the north.

In addition to the core functions, noise and power consumption performance also have a great impact on the consumer experience.

Under the ambient noise of 25 dB, we measured the noise performance of Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 in low, medium and fast gear.

From the data point of view, Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 is very quiet in the low and middle position, almost can not feel the noise, while in the rapid gear, the noise is relatively loud.

In terms of power consumption, we also tested the stable operating power of the three gears.

As you can see, Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2, even in the rapid gear, the power is still only about 47w, even if it is turned on for a long time, there is no need to worry about power consumption.

Japanese products have always been very exquisite, pay attention to detail quality, Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 is such, the whole machine quality and detail design are very good.

Most of the space in front of the Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 is occupied by a large white panel, which is also the position of the air inlet. In order to make the design less monotonous, the visual effect more balanced, while taking into account the functionality, the engineer added a large display indication area on the right.

In the top display area, we can get the PM2.5 index and air humidity of the room in real time, and below are various indicators, users can directly view the working status of the disinfector and filter replacement reminders and so on.

The indicator below can show different colors according to the air condition. Blue means clean, purple means a little dirty, and red means dirty.

The top of the disinfector is air outlet and operation panel, and the operation panel adopts button type, which can realize timing, PM2.5 mode, disinfection mode, air volume adjustment and switch operation.

The collocation of white and champagne gold is used in the color, which will not be too bright, but it is versatile enough to be suitable for the warm home style.

It is already autumn in a twinkling of an eye, and when it comes to autumn, everyone will think that autumn is crisp and the climate is suitable, but because of the large temperature difference between day and night in autumn, the human body’s resistance is relatively low and is more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Especially if you have children at home, you need to pay more attention to it. After our experience of review, Panasonic air disinfector F-VJL75C2 can effectively remove hidden bacteria and reduce the chance of harmful bacteria, which is a good choice for families who pay attention to home health.

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Panasonic air disinfector review: don’t give bacteria 30, 000 chances to destroy you.
Panasonic air disinfector review: don’t give bacteria 30, 000 chances to destroy you.
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