Huawei nova6 5G review: the first selfie in the world, the flagship of trend 5G.

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2019 is the first year of 5G commercial use in China and the world, and Huawei, as a leader in 5G technology, naturally launches 5G new nova series phones. In addition to supporting dual-mode 5G, this time Huawei nova6 series is standard with fashion such as 105o front ultra wide-angle dual-lens camera, and we also got a Huawei nova6 5G at the first time. Next, let”s start our review immediately, old rules. Look at the watch before you look at the machine!

After reading the parameter table, let’s first talk about the most characteristic selfie function of Huawei nova6 5G.

When it comes to nova, the first thing that comes to mind must be its selfie function, from the “good-looking, love selfie” nova2s front 20 million dual-lens camera, to the “poster selfie” nova3 front 24 million dual-lens camera, from the “selfie pole full screen” nova4 front 25 million HD lens, to the “you are more beautiful than the night” nova5 front 32 million HD lens. With the continuous upgrading of selfie function, the selfie technology of nova series has always led the industry, bringing more and more extreme selfie experience for young people who love selfie.

This time, Huawei nova6 series has made a new breakthrough in front-facing photography. Huawei nova6 5G has a 32 million-pixel autofocus lens + 8 million-pixel 105o ultra-wide-angle lens to form a dual-lens camera camera system, which can easily control selfies, multi-person photos, 4K HD vlog and many other scenes. With comprehensive selfie strength, Huawei nova6 5G is crowned the king of DxOMARK selfie.

Since the selfie performance of Huawei nova6 5G is so strong, it is said that it is just talking but not practicing fake tricks. Let’s take a look at the actual performance of Huawei nova6 5G selfie samples.

From the sample sheet, we can see that the little sister photographed by Huawei nova6 5G has a fair and natural complexion, the background is just right, and the selfie performance is exemplary.

The excellent performance of the ordinary mode is only the front course, and this wide-angle selfie is the highlight. As we all know, the ultra-wide-angle distortion of the human scene in the same frame is inevitable, and its correction is even more difficult in the industry. If the building is not crooked, the face is crooked, and it is difficult to take a beautiful selfie.

1.0 times sample sheet.

Huawei nova6 series of 105 °ultra-wide-angle lens selfie, through the portrait segmentation technology, the human scene will be dealt with separately. Perspective projection is used to deal with background distortion, spherical polar plane projection is used to deal with face distortion, and the super wide-angle selfie effect is achieved, so we can hardly see any distortion from the wide-angle sample. And the performance of the sample can only be described by the four words that have never been seen before.

Wide-angle mode sample sheet.

In addition, Huawei nova6 5G is also equipped with Close loop motor autofocus, combined with Huawei’s advanced algorithm adjustment, can achieve in the 20cm to 120cm distance selfie, can accurately focus on the main face, to achieve “near and far clear”, and our lovely little sisters also used a selfie stick to record their photos, we can see that even if the selfie stick is pulled to the farthest, Huawei nova6 5G focus still follows the beautiful faces of the little sisters.

In terms of the night scene selfie, Huawei nova6 5G uses SLR BM3D image noise reduction technology to make the optimized picture noise less, the night scene more transparent and pure, while Huawei nova6 5G’s night scene backlight selfie algorithm is also upgraded again, successfully realizing AI HDR+, in night scene mode when you take a selfie in a place with a strong neon light or background light source, you can effectively avoid over-exposure of the background and underexposure of the portrait.

From our little sister’s night scene selfie, we can see that Huawei nova6 5G’s night scene performance is excellent, noise control is very good, white balance exposure and focus is also very accurate, and there is no exposure in places with strong lights as the background.

Huawei nova6 5G is equipped with Barone 5000 5G baseband chip, which gives full play to Huawei’s industry leadership in 5G technology and supports SA/NSA dual-mode dual-card Netcom. Even after SA independent network is built to replace NSA, it can still enjoy real 5G fast network services, which can really ensure long-term availability and lead the technology in an all-round way.

In addition, in order to achieve a more enjoyable network experience, Huawei nova6 5G uses advanced intelligent dual-card switching technology. When the 5G network is covered, the 5G network is preferred, and when the 5G signal is not good, the 4G network is connected automatically.

In addition, Huawei nova6 retains dual-frequency GPS high-speed precision positioning technology, whether traveling or traveling, even if you encounter the complex terrain of high-rise buildings and overpasses, you no longer have to worry about getting lost.

Huawei nova6 is equipped with the latest Kirin 990 series processors. Kirin 990 is manufactured by 7nm process, and the three-tier energy efficiency architecture CPU, with 2 super-large cores (based on Cortex-A76 development) + 2 large cores (based on Cortex-A76 development) + 4 small cores (Cortex-A55) has the highest frequency up to 2.86GHz. With the support of Huawei’s self-developed Leonardo da Vinci architecture NPU, AI performance is eliminated, while the large core + micronucleus computing architecture is enhanced to achieve a balance between performance and power consumption.

In terms of GPU, Kirin 990 uses 16-core Mali-G76 GPU, to achieve the largest GPU scale of Huawei mobile phone chip, with leading performance and energy efficiency. Combined with GPU Turbo 4.0technology and Kirin Gaming+2.0 technology, the performance has been improved by 6%, the energy efficiency has been improved by 20%, and the performance and energy efficiency are first-class.

In the actual running score, Huawei nova6, whether AnTuTu or Geekbench and 3D Mark, played a strong performance of Kirin 990. in the AnTuTu test, Huawei nova6 scored a total score of 468451 points, of which the CPU part had 152887 points, the GPU part had 162598 points, the performance was eye-catching, and Master Lu scored 404057 points. Also in the GeekBench running points, the single-core CPU score 3894, multi-core score 12664, the performance is very eye-catching.

We also carried out the experience of four popular mobile games to adjust the game quality to the highest level while cracking the frame rate. In the overall game test, Huawei nova6 brings a very smooth game experience, the whole process is almost maintained at 60 frames, and the overall fluctuation curve is smooth, so it is easy to say that Huawei nova6 with Kirin 990 plays all kinds of masterpieces.

It is worth mentioning that while keeping the machine portable, Huawei nova6 is still equipped with a large battery as high as 4200mAh, providing sufficient battery protection for users who have time to use the phone.

While the Huawei nova6 is equipped with a large 4200mAh battery, the Huawei nova6 is not disappointed with its flagship 40W super fast charge, which can charge more than 70 per cent in 30 minutes.

For game players with fever, they not only pay attention to the hardware performance such as chips, but also pay close attention to the heat dissipation efficiency of mobile phones. Huawei nova6 5G uses D8 heat pipe and D2 heat pipe for liquid cooling. D8 heat pipe is an ultra-thin heat pipe with pipe diameter 8mm, which is currently the thickest heat pipe in the industry. The heat source area can be directly increased by nearly 60%. Playing games for a long time is no longer afraid of frequency reduction.

When it comes to appearance, Huawei nova series will never let you down, nova3’s highly acclaimed original gradient blue couplet purple, nova4 magnificent honey words red flow dazzling, nova5 series of fantasy colors to create the Wonderland Forest, every time the appearance of nova will bring you a new visual impact, and this time Huawei nova6 5G is no exception.

On the front, Huawei nova6 5G uses a 6.57inch 20:9 high-resolution dual-lens camera pole full screen FHD+ screen, and uses super-narrow bezel design, TP screen accounts for 91.46%, a wide field of vision, this excellent screen has also obtained the German Rheinland Eye Protection certification, after turning on the eye protection mode, it can effectively control blue light radiation and reduce the damage caused by blue light to the eyes.

In terms of fuselage, Huawei nova6 5G uses a highly difficult 3D curved glass fuselage, which is round and exquisite and has a very good grip. The integrated design of side fingerprint unlocking and power key also ensures the integrity of the rear cover.

In terms of color matching, Huawei nova6 5G groundbreaking four layers of light, texture, color and space effects into the back of the phone, using the “3D glass + 3D light and shadow” double superposition scheme, in different light, showing different visual effects, showing a richer color scene depth, permeability and texture.

Huawei nova6 5G has a unique trend aesthetic Provence color matching, warm and calm honey red color matching, bright black color matching with pure beauty, and Suyin blue color matching with boundless depth and imagination. Huawei nova6 5G colorful color matching will not only achieve a surreal stunning beauty, but also lead the fashion and trend.

In terms of post-image, Huawei nova6 5G is equipped with a more advanced post-photographic dark camera system for outdoor and night scenes, which includes a 40 million-pixel supersensitive main shot, a 8 million-pixel zoom lens, 3x optical zoom lens, 5x hybrid zoom and up to 30x digital zoom, as well as a 8 million-pixel 120 °ultra-wide-angle lens with a field of view area of 240% of an ordinary lens.

This configuration can be said to perfectly cover the vast majority of daily shooting scenes, such as high definition, telefocus, ultra-wide angle, etc., in addition, Huawei nova6 5G also has a new upgrade of EIS intelligent anti-shake technology and advanced RYYB ultrasonic sensor, so that we can take more high-definition images in dark light environment.

After introducing the configuration, let’s take a look at the actual sample performance of Huawei nova6 5G.

In daytime photos, Huawei nova6 5G carries AI scene recognition, the overall picture contrast has been greatly improved when flowers and trees are detected, and the picture is rich in color and pleasing to the eye. The details of the photos are fully preserved, and the control of exposure and white balance is excellent.

1.0 times sample sheet.

Wide-angle mode sample sheet.

1.0 times sample sheet.

Wide-angle mode sample sheet.

Huawei nova6 5G sample in wide-angle mode performs well in terms of color, exposure and picture tolerance. while shooting at a wider angle, there is almost no distortion.

During the night scene shooting, the dark part seen by the naked eye has been able to see the light again because of the long exposure of Huawei nova6 5G. The parts originally illuminated by light appear fuller and sharper in detail because of the long exposure, which adds a little more interest to the city at night.

In macro photography, Huawei nova6 5G still has excellent performance, rich details, virtual transition natural, coupled with super AI algorithm, beautiful flowers and plants, attractive food, such comprehensive photo capabilities are Huawei nova6 5G in one, like it!

In terms of UI design alone, Huawei nova6 carries the latest EMUI 10.0.1. The whole machine UI design boldly uses the Morandi color background, has the soft high-grade texture restraint but does not make public.

EMUI 10.0.1 also adds dark mode, which uses the best contrast between the foreground and dark background, and optimizes the color of text, system icons and controls to ensure that when switching between dark mode and light mode, the visual feeling is still harmonious and consistent, so that reading in different environments to maintain the best comfort.

At present, Magic UI 3.01 has an epic enhancement to mobile phone cloning, because the latest mobile phone clone uses its own frequency band to achieve the peak 100MB clone rate per second, which means that even a mobile phone with 64 gigabytes of memory takes only 10 minutes to clone data, which is really a scary cool techs.

In addition, EMUI10 also creates a “multi-screen collaboration” function to connect the channel between windows and android from the bottom of the system. With the slightest touch of HUAWEI Share, Huawei nova6 and MateBook can achieve the functions of collaborative operation, data flow and multi-screen control after establishing a connection. Collaborative operation refers to the dynamic operation of Huawei nova6, which is automatically synchronized to the MateBook screen. Data flow can realize the rapid transmission of pictures, documents and videos between the two, so as to achieve efficient resource sharing.

Another major feature of EMUI10 is the Ark compiler. The Ark compiler is actually a way to change the Android system from the bottom. Through efficient static compilation instead of dynamic compilation with high resource consumption, the running efficiency of the application can be greatly improved.

Since the birth of EMUI1.0 in July 2012, Huawei has invested more and more in system optimization, and EMUI has been improving and improving. From the simplicity and openness in the past to the intelligence and convenience now, every step of EMUI is so down-to-earth. I believe that in the future, EMUI will become the most eye-catching Android customized system in the world, this moment is not far away.

Unwittingly, the nova series has been launched for four years. During this four-year period, Huawei nova series has released more than 10 boutique models, which have outstanding achievements in product design and market performance. This time, Huawei nova6 5G will also bring you a fast 5G and innovative selfie experience through the leading front “105o wide angle dual-lens camera” and 5G dual-mode dual card. It must be a popular model again in the future.

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Huawei nova6 5G review: the first selfie in the world, the flagship of trend 5G.
Huawei nova6 5G review: the first selfie in the world, the flagship of trend 5G.


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