Huawei 5G CPE Pro router review: the key to the 5G world

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What is CPE?

First of all, I believe many people are at a loss when they hear CPE for the first time, so now let”s give you popular science. CPE, the full name of Customer Premise Equipment, is simply a device that converts high-speed 5G or 4G signals into Wi-Fi signals, which can be widely used in wireless network access such as homes, small and medium-sized enterprises, and can save the cost of laying wired networks. 

What is Huawei 5G CPE Pro?

After reading the science popularization above, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of the word CPE. So what is Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro? To put it simply, Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro not only has all the functions of a home router, but also converts high-speed 4G and 5G signals into Wi-Fi signals, and supports 5G/4G signals or gigabit optical fiber broadband Internet access, improving home Internet access speed and experience.

In addition, Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro supports 4G/5G dual mode, so users can get the experience of ultra-fiber broadband in both 4G and 5G networks. In addition, it also supports NSA and SA multi-module networks, which can adapt to the network conditions of different operators and achieve seamless upgrade from 4G to 5G. At first glance, Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro is a traditional router at first glance, and the size of 107mm × 100mm × 215mm is not large, thanks to the ancient Greek column bevel design that gives the machine a delicate look and feel. The top and bottom form a small bevel of less than degrees, creating the ultimate bionic heat dissipation performance, and the heat dissipation efficiency is improved by 30%.

One-time shaping of the arc chamfer + four-curved fuselage design, natural material, unique light and shadow charm, can be integrated into the contemporary design concept of home decoration style without disobedience.

Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro design is very simple, the top large 5G logo highlights the identity, the front panel has only three lights, Huawei HiLink logo, indicating that it is the center of Huawei HiLink smart home ecological products, connecting users’ whole house smart products at the network level. Behind there are two gigabit network ports, although you can plug in a card to access the Internet without a network cable, but one more choice is also a respect for users.

What is the actual performance of Huawei Mobile router 5G CPE Pro?

Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro and traditional and stylish, can bring the most primitive experience of the router, but also allow users to experience the most fashionable and cutting-edge technology. Having said so much, what many friends care about is the actual performance. Without saying much, let’s test it together.

First of all, we use Huawei Matebook notebook to connect Huawei Mobile Route 5G CPE Pro to measure the speed. The measured result downloads close to 1 Gbps, and the upload speed is in 100+Mbps. Subsequently, we conducted a number of tests, and the download speed was about 900m.

And then we test with the mobile phone, and there is a gap between the result and the computer test, which may be related to the on-site environment and the test software. Although the final results are different, but fully able to maintain normal use, watching videos, playing games will not be affected at all.

In order to confirm this point, the author downloaded several APP to test, the speed is still satisfactory. Finally, I watched a random video, started playing, drag and drop the progress bar at will, only need to buffer 1 to 2 seconds, can continue to play 4K video smoothly, if you set the definition to 1080p, sometimes you don’t have to wait to complete the buffer, the experience is quite good.

Good using experience is closely related to the strong hardware configuration, thanks to the Barone 5000 chip used in Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro, which uses a single-chip multi-mode 5G module, which can implement 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G network systems in a single chip, effectively reducing the delay and power consumption caused by data exchange between multi-modes. At the same time, it also takes the lead in supporting NAS and SA networking modes in the world, and supports FDD and TDD to achieve full-band use.

In addition, with the addition of multi-polarized butterfly Balun antenna, the receiving range of 5G signal is increased by 30%, ensuring 5G high-frequency coverage and 360-degree received signal, and the arbitrarily placed signal is still strong. With Huawei’s original 5G Best Position algorithm, users can get the best location of 5G CPE Pro in their home through Huawei smart home APP. If multiple sets are used together, they can also independently plan the Wi-Fi coverage area to avoid interference in similar areas, making the use more reasonable and easier.

Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro performs well even in complex building environments, the reason is that Lingxiao dual-band Wi-Fi chip, combined with four signal amplifiers and exclusive antenna algorithms, can greatly improve Wi-Fi signal quality and smooth access to the network on the second floor of the duplex apartment.


5G CPE is one of the mature solutions for non-5G devices to access 5G network. It can provide conditions for non-5G devices to access the 5G network. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the 5G network, if the home does not install a small base station, the 5G CPE can act as a signal relay.

Huawei Mobile routing 5G CPE Pro is a 5G-to-Wi-Fi and wired network connection device developed and produced by Huawei, which supports 5G and 4G wireless broadband Internet access and card-ready product features, allowing Huawei 5G CPE Pro to achieve multi-scene Wi-Fi coverage to solve the pain points encountered by users in the process of using wired broadband, such as difficulty in opening broadband, insecure broadband, inconvenient broadband and so on.

At a time when others are desperately trying to catch up with 5G, Huawei has been at the forefront of the world. In the future, there will be more devices in line with 5G, through the coordinated development of multi-devices, multi-applications and multi-scenes, to bring users a more complete, private and shocking interactive experience.


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Huawei 5G CPE Pro router review: the key to the 5G world
Huawei 5G CPE Pro router review: the key to the 5G world
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